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Here’s some sh*t you should know this sunny Tuesday.

Epic twerking fail is a hoax

So it WAS a fake. TV presenter Jimmy Fallon has revealed that he is behind the epic twerking fail video that infected the internet last week. The clip got a whopping nine million views before Jim exposed the hoax last night: “To the conspiracy theorists who thought the video was fake – it was, we made it up,” he said. “I’m also the guy who bit Charlie’s finger, by the way,” he added. “Some people even blamed Miley Cyrus for it. Hopefully this puts an end to twerking forever.” Amen.

Party cancelled

Any of youse going to Fianna Fáíl senator Terry Leyden’s party – it’s been cancelled. Sorry. Terry had to pull the plug on the event in his new bar in Roscommon because he used Oireachtas stationary to send out invites. But sure he may as well steal as much stationary as possible - he'll be out of a job shortly (surely).

Trinners rise

Trinity College is one of two Irish institutions to rise in the QS World University Rankings (NUI Galway is the other). Trinners is now 61st, which is the first time the college has improved its position since 2009. Look at the big(ger) head on yiz.

Father Jack in retail

Ever wonder what became of Father Jack Hackett after the Father Ted series ended? Well, he’s the off licence manager of SuperValu, Dungloe. How do they trust him at all?

Merc stuck outside Dáil

And finally, a Mercedes driver got their car stuck on the pedestrian plinth while trying to drive out the gates of Leinster House last night – the driver fecked off to avoid being snapped by the Twitterati.