Don’t know what Is going on? Bluff the news

Here's some sh*t you should know this Thursday.

Drunk wasps

The plagues of wasps that are terrorising the population are only a shower of drunks. The Irish Examiner reports today that the worker wasps are no longer working because all the grubs have been hatched into queens – so they’re only hanging around to get pissed on sugar and have the craic.

Walking Dead

If you spend your study time gorging box sets of The Walking Dead then you should enrol in the University of California’s newest online course. The makers of the hit zombie series have teamed up with the university to offer a course in the Walking Dead that covers topics including “what can an apocalypse teach us about anthropology and sociology?” and “nutrition and stress physiology in a high-stress environment”. University of California already offers degrees in clowning and Jedi training. No jam-making though.

Beer for breakfast

Now here’s one way to kick-start your day. Instead of that shneaky can for breakfast, you can now enjoy chocolate beer spread on toast. “Beer lovers rejoice,” Selfridges department store writes, “you can now enjoy your favourite tipple with cheeses and bread with Omid dark ale spreadable beer.”

The head on yeh, Frank

Outrage has swept across Europe as an unflattering and moderately funny image of Francois Holland has done the rounds on Twitter. The picture was taken on Tuesday during Francois’s visit to a school in northern France. Agence France-Presse – France’s main wire agency – has made attempts to pull the image off this here interweb, but to no avail. Look at the head on him here.

Last legs of summer

And finally, in case you didn’t notice, Ireland’s summer is on its last legs. Temperatures are expected to drop from a peak of 23 degrees Celsius, to 13—14. Met Éireann’s John Eagleton said that while the eastern half of the country had been clinging to last of the good weather that is all about to change. “That was summer, [today] is definitely autumn,” he said. Ah, remember the days when we were hotter than Lanzorote?