Danielle addresses the backlash some people have received for posting a no make-up selfie.

Some say they hate them, but behind closed doors those very same people are secretly posing for the front-facing camera whenever they can.

Whether you’re a fan of the “selfie” craze or not, the last few days have shown just how over the top some people can get when venting their anger.

#Nomake-upselfie started trending on Twitter a couple of days ago. The idea is to take a picture of yourself in your purest form and let the world, at least the social media world, have a good look at you.

The self-photographer is then supposed to donate €4 to the Irish Cancer Society, by texting “Pink” to 50300. This random act of kindness is then encouraged as other friends are nominated to continue the trend.

One of the main issues that have cropped up is the apparent lack of sincerity by many taking part in the movement. Comments have appeared under many photos, accusing the account holder of just taking a picture of themselves, without going all of the way and donating.

Some of those who have donated are posting screenshots of their text confirming that they have donated. This in itself is being lambasted for seeming pretentious and attention seeking.

It seems that no one can win.

On top of this, comments are flying in under photos accusing the selfie artist of actually wearing make-up and posting it with a tagline saying otherwise.

One Facebook user wrote a status venting her anger at the selfie liars:

Many have lashed out at the new trend, for various reasons. In doing so, they have diminished the original idea of making people aware of the need for donations to keep adding to the necessary funds for cancer research.

Understandingly, due to the recent scandals about charity funding and salaries in Ireland, many wonder where the money will end up.

Donna Parsons of the Irish Cancer Society (ICS) explained that not all of the money will go into the research for a cure for cancer. Some will go into running the national helpline, some will go into paying those who are carrying out the research and some may go to those who are running the Society.

The reason for this is simple. “We are non-governmental agency. We receive no funding from the Government and we rely 100% on public donations,” added Parsons.

Asked whether or not the ICS have a problem with the selfie trend, Donna said that although the cancer society had nothing to do with starting it, anything that raises awareness for their cause is worth getting behind.

No one knows where the idea of posting photos without make-up came from, but the option to donate came about long before the selfie issue.

The national donation line, where you can text and donate has been live for just over a year. It has been promoted by many celebrities, including Majella O’Donnell. The wife of singer Daniel O’Donnell revealed that she was fighting breast cancer back in September 2013.

It’s common these days to see headlines relating to another person who was a victim of bullying on social media websites. Selfies can be annoying, but for once, the craze is doing something worthwhile.

For those who are disgusted by people using this movement as an opportunity to flaunt their perfect skin, let them away with it.

Bursting a gut to try and call people out on their intentions will do nothing for cancer research. However, texting “Pink” to 50300 will.

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