Miley Cyrus has exploded upon the world in recent months with her twerking and grinding half naked on married men

Even though Miley has shocked the world, this is ultimately old news to a wider audience, but not to parents.

For those parents who don’t have an acceptable knowledge of the internet or access to an iphone, they are completely unaware of the influence Miley Cyrus has on their children.

In my own personal experience, the recent debacle between Miley Cyrus and Sinead O’Connor was the only reason why my parents came to the understanding Miley has on my younger sisters.

Sinead’s recent interview on The Late Late Show was how my parents came to realise Miley Cyrus was no longer the Hannah Montana that they had invested their children into before. Intrigued by the debate, my mother felt the need to see what the hype was about. Following this, I felt it was best to show the video that started it all with Miley’s ‘We Can’t Stop’ video.

I had to stop it half way through, my mother felt the cutting of fingers and purple liquid thereafter was far too much to bare. Then I thought it best to show her ‘Wrecking Ball’ – she stopped me immediately saying that she knew the song and in fact, she loved it!

It was then she realised that maybe Sinead O’Connor’s open letter to Miley wasn’t quite insane as she thought and for once Sinead was making sense.

The videos and public appearances that Miley has been making have been oozing sex appeal and teaching a younger generation that you must sell yourself and your body in order to gain fame and success.

This is the message that’s being poured into a younger generation through the medium of television, Facebook and YouTube. It generates the idea that selling yourself is the way to get through life.

However, it’s not just Miley that’s generated such hysteria, the likes of Rhianna and Britney have also allowed them to be manipulated into selling the idea of sex to a younger generation.

Due to such actions, parents should be more vigilant and aware of what their children are watching as it produces a negative image to young teenagers and teaches the wrong message to pursue in life.