Some useful information on language training


Despite the recent budget cuts to the teaching of foreign languages at primary school level, there have been some new developments in language learning throughout the EU, all thanks to a new online teaching resource which is being partly developed by GMIT. EuroCatering Language Training is a web based programme which is aimed at those in the catering and restaurant industry who wish to improve their language skills. The objective of the website is to teach students the terminology they would hear in a kitchen or restaurant, this is done by presenting students with a variety of situations that they may encounter while working; broadening their vocabulary and making them more confident with their new language. The programme offers 12 different European languages, ranging from German to Finnish and even Irish, and is currently being used by GMIT students studying business and culinary arts.

The programme was developed by partners from all over Europe, (including GMIT which represented Ireland) over three years costing €400,000 which was funded by the European Commission’s Leonardo Programme. The new phase of the project which will train reception workers was recently developed in GMIT where emissaries from all the participating countries met to complete the language training project. The programme has already received a number of awards, and looks like it will continue to thrive well into the future, with lecturers in GMIT’s school of Humanities saying it’s a fantastic programme that has been integrated into the Business and Culinary Arts curriculum and is proving to be an excellent learning tool for students.