An ongoing case in Delhi involves top Internet giants Google, Youtube and Facebook.


Internet Giants Told that they “Do not deserve more time” in Delhi Case


A Delhi judge reportedly told Internet giants like Google and Facebook, “You do not deserve more time”. According to reports in the Indian Media, on 6th February 2012, the judge gave the Internet companies involved in the case 15 more days to remove what it considered “objectionable material” hosted on their sites.

The 22 companies involved in the case have been ordered to submit in writing that they have deleted the offensive content.

The next hearing is on 1 March The civil case accuses companies like Yahoo, Google and Facebook of allowing “anti-religious” and “anti-social” content, that could provoke communal tension.

The same large Internet companies are currently dealing with a criminal case in another Delhi court, where they are accused of conspiracy and cheating.

The petitioner in Monday’s case is Mufti Zizaz Arshad Kazmi, who filed his lawsuit in December, just days before another Delhi resident Vinay Rai filed the criminal case against the companies involved.


According to NDTV, top executives of the firms have been summoned to appear in court on 13 March.