Dublin Convention Centre will this week see the likes of exceptional leaders such as Mary Robinson, Bob Geldof and Kofi Annan come together to discuss ways in which to improve our world.

Our fairest capital city is to host leaders from 194 different countries for the One Young World Summit at Dublin Convention Centre from the Wednesday to Saturday, bringing with it the most inspirational leadership and incredible stories from around the world as speakers such as Bob Geldof, Mary Robinson and Kofi Annan come together to discuss what can be done to improve the world.

Organiser Clara Kelleher, who took a chance on bidding for the 2014, rather than the 2016 summit, sees Dublin as the perfect location for the event: "I knew it would work in Dublin because our population is so young, and because young people here have become so creative and resourceful during the recession."

"I love so many of the start-up programmes around Dublin at the minute, such as Street Feast which brings communities together around food, and Foodcloud which gets excess food from businesses and redistributes it to charities," Clara says.

The summit runs for three full days at Dublin Convention Centre, with the opening ceremony on Wednesday evening from 5 until 7. The event will also be streamed online live for the public on the One Young World website.

An extraordinary Delegate Speaker at the summit is twenty one year old Yeonmi Park, who managed to escape from North Korea under Kim Jong Il and is now a human rights advocate: "I can’t forget about North Koreans who are still imprisoned by the regime in North Korea and are fleeing for their lives in China. In particular, many women are coerced into the sex industry, sold to the highest bidders as wives, or sexually abused by men who prey upon North Korean women fearful of being returned to North Korea."

The summit will also include a special session entitled "Disability: Move to include" including blind South Pole adventurist Mark Pollock and visually impaired social entrepreneur Caroline Casey.

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Campus.ie will also be reporting live from One Young World during the summit.