Laura Smith reviews Bundoran's biggest music festival, Sea Sessions, which took place last weekend.
If you’re like me and still suffering from festival blues, raise your glass. The only way that I can describe Bundoran’s surf music festival is what an amazing time it was. Now, I didn’t venture into the world of camping during the music festival but I’m sure the craic was great on the campsite. Tickets and accommodation were €245 for the whole weekend. The hotel was literally a five-minute walk to the festival and the scenery from the hotel was overlooking the beach. Who would be complaining waking up every morning to that?
Having music played from four in the afternoon until one in the morning is something you won’t hear in your hometown. Oh, and did I mention a funfair beside the festival? The Coronas played on Saturday night and they brought the crowd alive. The constant cheering and their upbeat music brought the crowd in for the night. I can understand why The Coronas have had such success as a band. Other artists played over the course of the weekend, and all have their special talents and a good way with the crowd.
In the mornings, we walked around the town of Bundoran and dined in restaurants and hotels. It brought back memories of my childhood where I went to Water World for the day (For those of you who don’t know, Water World is an indoor water park with slides), but for this weekend, I saw the other side of the cool life in Bundoran.
Having only booked my tickets a week prior to the festival, it will be a festival I will never forget. My friends and I decided we needed to get away for the weekend and there was no better way than head to Bundoran to Sea Sessions. Having heard so much about the festival and so many people going, we couldn’t resist.
Sunday night was by far the best night (Friday and Saturday night was also good but Sunday night was the big send off for the weekend it was) The atmosphere at any festivals will be something you can’t get anywhere else. Everyone was in high spirits over the weekend but sure with music like that who wouldn’t be.
There were three music tents set up for the weekend and other stalls like mechanized. Two of the tents were indoor tents and the third tent was an open tent with a DJ there playing the tunes all the time. The weather for the weekend was dry and it only rained Saturday night (I know surprise for Irish weather).
If you’re debating on whether to go to Sea Sessions next year or not my advice is JUST GO. It will be a weekend you will never forget and if I could relive any moment it would be that weekend. Tickets are on sale for next year's Sea Sessions Surf Music Festival at