Former headliners of The Academy, and now demoted to the downstairs venue, "The View, The View, The View are on fire" tonight.  Well, at least that’s the word from the chanting crowd.

The Scottish festival stalwarts are currently touring their “best of” compilation, Seven Year Setlist, and this gig has a strong whiff of Ronseal about it.  Yup, it does exactly what it says on the tin.

All the old classics (if they can be called that after a youthful seven years!) are rolled out, and even those in the audience who wouldn’t know Kieran Webster if he hit them in the phizog, hum along with familiarity.

The furious build up to '5 Rebeccas' almost blows a fuse in the amps, belying the humdrum, shout-along chorus, which slips into the category of “Libertines-lite”.  There are glimpses of genius throughout the evening, that give way to songs the boozy masses can cling to.  Pints swilling, and punters swaying, it’s an indie disco circa 2007, when everyone wore white plimsolls, and 'Wasted Little DJs' ripped up the dancefloor.

Although Kyle and co. aren’t here to win new fans, they don’t disappoint their devotees.  “They’ve made my dreams come true”, squeals one fan, before pogoing into the sweaty throng, as 'Same Jeans' hits the chorus.

The between-songs babble is virtually indecipherable through their thick Dundee accents, but it doesn’t hinder the connection that Mr Falconer has with his audience tonight.  The music may be well worn, but these class of 2006 graduates prove that practice makes perfect, their performance brimming with energy and enthusiasm.

There are few surprises at this gig, but that’s not really the point, is it?  Newbie, 'Standard' is a watered down version of what we’re used to from The View, and probably won’t be one to make it onto the 14 Year Setlist.  Early cover 'Up the Junction' makes a charmingly chaotic appearance and is a reminder of the rawness that first struck a chord with their listeners.

'Sunday' is left towards the end of the gig, and is rousing, if a little rowdy way to draw the proceedings to a close.  Tonight, gig-goers go home beer-soaked, and safe in the knowledge that bands may come, and bands may go, but they will always have the same View.  Standard.