NUIG's Sin reporter Saoire Rafferty sat down with Bob Skeleton guitarist Eoin Hynes to chat about life in a band, favourite gigs and their upcoming EP.
The Band:
Eoin Hynes- Guitar
Rory Ryan- Bass/singer
Jack Niland- Drums
Oisín Mod- Singer and guitar
I met guitarist Eoin Hynes from Bob Skeleton to have a chat about the band’s upcoming EP launch. The launch takes place this Saturday in the Roisin Dubh. These band members started out practicing in their basements as children and they’ve now worked with many acts at many different gigs. Their first single was released in February 2016 and they haven’t looked back since…
“Me, Jack and Oisín used to play in Jack’s basement when we were kids because we just didn’t want to go to school… Rory joined us in 2015 and it just worked really well. Our first gig was in July 2015 at Kennedy’s in Eyre Square. We were a little bit nervous but also had a few drinks so we weren’t scared. Then in August 2015 we played at the Roisin Dubh, a place we love, with two of our favourite bands including Field Trip. A lot kicked off when we recorded our first single in February 2016 and after that we started getting loads of gigs in the Roisin Dubh with Rock Soc, Strange Brew, a few in Dublin, and then we played at the Battle of the Bands.”
Favourite gig?
“They are all great but the first one was amazing because we’d been waiting so long to just go and do it. There’s been some in the Roisin where only ten people show up but we sound really good, and then you’d have gigs where forty people show up but it doesn’t go that great. The best one was the first time we headlined at the Bernard Shaw in Dublin, it’s a really small room as well so there might have only been forty people there but we were so close to everyone, it was intense and brilliant.”
“We like loud guitars but we are also very conscious of not keeping it metal. We are aware of what’s popular, I listen to pop music at work every day so it’s really hard to not let it seep into you. Oisín is even a big Lana Del Rey fan. We listen to a lot of The Strokes, we have catchy melodies but it’s also very much guitar orientated.”
Working on the EP:
“Luckily, we did it with Will O’Connor and he is just a dream to work with. He is insanely good fun and he knows what we want as well. He knows how to get the best out of us, so working with Will is like working with your friend as well but he also is a savage producer.”
EP launch:
“We are really excited. 12th of November, upstairs in the Roisin Dubh with a band called Drown. A lot of time, money, and work went into these four tracks so it will be fun to have this big party… and we might only sell three CD’S but that isn’t important for us, it’s more about the fact that we’ve achieved it.”
Tough getting noticed?
“I suppose we are aware of the importance of social media when trying to get noticed. When we first started, we didn’t use it that much at all. Now we kind of noticed there are some really average bands out there who are really big because they own social media. A lot of it is word of mouth as well and we’ve been lucky to have played as a support band. People come down to watch the main act and might not know we’re there and all we can do is play the best show we can and hope people enjoy it.”
Disappointed with small crowds?
“Well, last week we played and it just wasn’t a busy night. There were only fifteen people there but we just played the best we could and afterwards five people came up and shook our hands and said they’d give us a like on Facebook. So, it’s five more people that liked our band than if we just stayed at home that night instead. If we can come away from every gig with one more fan, one more notification on Facebook, it all adds up.”
Ever meet big acts?
“We played with The Strypes at Moxegen and we are pretty big fans of them. I also got to meet Cascada that day, it was a really fun day out we got to wander around backstage with passes. So, we might never make it but at least I got to meet Cascada.”
Are you guys all students?
“Oisín isn’t, he knew he always wanted to play music from the start. The rest of us are, Rory just finished his course. Jack is supposed to be going on Erasmus next year, so we have a year to convince him why he shouldn’t go to Columbia.”
Music as a career?
“I just couldn’t imagine us not playing music. We are just going to give this our best shot. It really is the dream job and I think a lot of people are scared to say that. I’d rather give it 110% and at least if nothing happens, we know we tried. We don’t even need a glamorous lifestyle. We know plenty of bands who have enough money to feed themselves and their family, and are having really good fun. That’s what it’s all about, the money doesn’t matter too much even though that’s a very cliché thing to say.”
What’s next?
At the moment we are working on our second EP. As I speak right now Rory is recording his bass and vocals at home for it. That should be out in the New Year sometime. There will be a couple of singles along the way. Hopefully there will be some festivals next summer too. We will keep being that hyper active kid who tries to catch everyone’s eyes.
Bob Skeletons CD is available to pre-order now on Band Camp, with two tracks now then the other two on 12 November.