RDGLDGRN (pronounced Red Gold Green) are hitting all the right notes with all the right people in the music industry.

They are a three-piece outfit from Washington DC and their sound has that distinct DC rhythm with that that great go-go beat so reflective and representative of the area, and much more in the mix.

There is a perfect irony in their musical influences, which they cite to be from The Beatles to Bob Marley to Vampire Weekend to The Neptunes, all of which bellows into their unique sound. It is hip-hop infused punk and indie rock with a definite pop sensibility that results in a musical offering full of dimension, character and depth.

Their refreshing and unique approach to music has attracted both Dave Grohl and Pharrell Williams to work on their latest project. Their self-released song ‘l Love Lamp’ received 100,000 hits in two weeks on YouTube.

RDGLDGRN are played their debut Dublin gig last night. Miriam Doona spoke to Green ahead of the show.

Miriam Doona  Your name is RDGLDGRN and the colours red gold and green cojure up images of the Ethopian flag and reggae. You each always wear those colours constantly and it very effective, visually speaking. Would I be right in saying that it is an homage to reggae and the Zion connection and how did the band form?

Green   Yes it is, but it is also about our individuality. We are three individuals and are three different colours too and it is also about that fact. We are all from the same area in Virginia and went to the same high school, at different times and we formed from growing up in the same neighbourhood.

Miriam Doona   DC, of course, has such a vibrant and diverse music scene. Your approach to music it's so refreshing and unique. How would you describe your sound and what did you listen to growing up?

Green  Our music very much has the DC spirit in it. Growing up I listened to a lot of Bob Marley and was also very into the DC hardcore scene and listened to a lot of local stuff like Bad Brains and The Neptunes, too. Our sound is a mix of indie rock and hip-hop and punk.

Miriam Doona  Your self-released song ‘I Love Lamp’ has gotten such attention, not only receiving 100,000 hits on YouTube in under a fortnight, but you have been signed to Fairfax Recordings as a result. This has brought you into Sound City Studio in California. It must have been surreal to be there with Dave Grohl on drums, especially as Nirvana also recorded Nevermind there?

Green  Yeah, sure. It was an unbelievable experience also to be in a studio where The Beatles practiced. Fleetwood Mac and Rage Against the Machine also recorded there... it was pretty good feeling to be in a room where all that happened and to be performing work of our own.

Miriam Doona   How did Pharrell Williams get involved in the project?

Green  Pharrell heard our music and was really excited about it. We then heard that he wanted to work with us and be a part of it, it was great as we are such big fans of his and he has worked with so many greats of the industry, it was very flattering. He is also from Virginia, but the other side than us. Dave Grohl is from the same area as us, and grew up near us. It has been a dream come true to work with them and the fact that we are all from the same area, relatively speaking, enhanced the whole experience.

Miriam Doona  You play your Irish debut in the Academy 2 (last Thursday, May 9). What are your plans after this date?

Green  After the UK dates, we will be heading for Amsterdam then back to the States for The Vans Warped Tour. We always wanted that sweaty life, on the bus...the one on the road. Before we formed RDGLDGRN, we were in a local band and after a gig we all found it very hard to settle back into our day jobs, and now thankfully, now we don't have to.