Soak is a 17-year-old Derry singer-songwriter who is planting roots deep in the Irish music scene, molding its landscape for the future. Her second EP, Sea Creatures, has created waves both on the local and national music scene.

She has supported both The Undertones and Snow Patrol. Having already played two sold out shows in The Little Museum of Dublin, Soak will play a gig in The Pepper Canister Church on the June 19. She will also be hitting the Irish festival circuit very hard this year, including an appearance at Electric Picnic.

Miriam Doona  You were born in Belfast and grew up in Derry, where you were discovered via Derry Playhouse's Jammhouse in 2012. Since then, you have done some very impressive support slots: The Undertones in Belfast's Custom House Square and Snow Patrol in Belfast's Waterfront Hall. Do you find there to be a good support network for you from fellow artists from Northern Ireland and how was it to support such veterans of the industry?

Soak  Yes, definitely, I have found great support from local artists and the Northern Ireland music scene is very tight. The Undertones gig was great and not too intimidating as I went to school with the bassist's daughter. So, I knew him and it felt very comfortable. The Snow Patrol gig was scary. I was in the car with my dad and my mum texted to ask how I would feel to support Snow Patrol, as she had got the news first, and I freaked out. Then I got home and I freaked out a bit more with my brothers! Gary (Lightbody) and I have since written a song together.

Miriam Doona  What is your personal experience of the creative process of songwriting?

Soak  I am different than most writers in the way I write. Like most writers the songs come from my experiences and observations in life. Gary (Lightbody) showed me how he writes, the formula and structure he uses. He builds a song up from a few words that he adds to but I do it a bit differently. I create the song in my head, build it up and arrange in my head and then write it down, so by the time I write it, it is already done. It is what works for me.

Miriam Doona  Did you grow up in a very musical house and where did the name Soak come from?

Soak  Yes, very much so. My mum and dad are very into music and anything from Led Zeppelin to Damien Rice is on the go at home. I love Pink Floyd and always have the guitar in hand. The name came from my mum, really. It's a combination of the words “soul” and “folk”.

Miriam Doona You are playing a gig on June 19 in Dublin's Pepper Canister Church. I see you have been announced to play this year’s Electric Picnic. Will you be doing many festivals this year?

Soak  Yes I am excited about that and will be playing the majority of the bigger festivals this year such as Longitude Festival. I played many of the lower key ones last year in Northern Ireland. I will be making up for it this year! I like to keep busy, and I get bored when I'm not working and I feel that every gig is working towards something.

Catch Soak in the Pepper Canister Church on June 19.