Our new resident music editor Laura Flaherty tells us the artists who got it right this week and the ones who got it really, really wrong.


1. Magic! have been in the charts the last few weeks, with their hit “Rude”. While the lead singer may not have been number one on his girlfriends fathers list, I think he deserves the top spot on my list today. It’s a catchy song and, like it or not, you’ll be singing and probably dancing around to it for hours after hearing it.

2. Nico and Vinz are second on my list this week, after I fell in love with their single “Am I Wrong?” When asked about the song, Vinz told the story of his friends talking about what they wanted to do in college. While his friends all went on to medicine and psychology, all Vinz wanted to was to pursue music. He said “I don’t need a plan B, I’m gonna make plan A work.” And he did exactly that.

3. Charli xcx is the final hit of my week, with her single “Boom Clap”, which was recently featured in the soundtrack for John Green’s The Fault in our Stars. Again, a catchy tune, Boom Clap has a much deeper meaning, which suits pretty much every music lover.


1. Although I’ll admit to being a (closeted) Taylor Swift fan, I must say her newest single “Shake it off”, left a lot to be desired. Neither the video nor the lyrics live up to her standard.

2. Garth Brooks hasn’t released a single in a while, but because I am STILL hearing about the Croke Park debacle, I feel the need to include him here. As Disney has taught us: Let it go, man, let it go.

3. “Crazy Stupid Love”, by Cheryl Cole is my final miss of the week. The newlywed misses the mark big time with the single, combining a video with over the top dance moves and a song with no really meaning or significance. The song is one that isn’t hard to forget.

Newcomer of the week:

Ella Henderson is my newcomer of the week. While she didn’t go on to win the X-Factor, it turns out that like many before her, this actually worked in her favour. Her newest and debut single “Ghost”, is catchy, vibrant and meaningful, everything you could want in a contemporary love song.

Irish act of the week:

Nathan Carter stars as my Irish act of the week this week, having performed in (arguably) the most famous Irish festival. Having made a huge splash at home and abroad, Nathan Carter is definitely an Irish act to keep an eye on. Nathan has given new life to old classics such as Caledonia and Wagon Wheel, bringing a golden era of music back to life and back to the fore of the Irish music scene. And sure doesn't he look lovely with the new Rose of Tralee.