Our ents editor Miriam Doona is dead impressed with Eyes & No Eyes' new track 'Hidden Thieves'.

'Hidden Thieves' is the latest track from experimental four-piece band Eyes & No Eyes, a group made up of four like-minded individuals who met at art school in Brighton.

The sheer kinetics (one for the physics students) on this track is very impressive. The movement of this six-minute track engages the listener with interest as the reciprocation between the bass, guitar drums and cello project forward at warped speed only to slow down as dramatically.

The physics of this music is mesmerizing as the progression and regression of tempo makes it an active and energetic, not to mention interesting, piece of music.

It spills forward into a fluid entity of sound combining folk, psychedelic and explosive noise, warped electronics and distortion with analog synths and a hint of indie sensibility, all of which combine to provide great layers and textures to the track. It is also atmospheric in essence and it is an audibly engaging, quirky and challenging piece of music.

'Hidden Thieves' is just a taste of what is to come from the band’s self-titled debut album due for release on 31 March on Willkomenn Records.

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