Hannah Farrell gives us the low down on the best commuting tunes.
Whether you’re a daily commuter on the bus or train, if your travels bring you 30,000ft high or if your adventure takes you behind the wheel, a decent playlist ought to be on top of your list of travel essentials. I hope you enjoy boogying to my non- exhaustive travel playlist!

Heroes – David Bowie

What’s any playlist, let alone a travel playlist, without one of the greatest songs of all time? The story of a passionate love affair creates gloriously cool vibes which are pivotal for the ultimate road trip with the gang. With the song supporting the central plot in the film adaptation of Stephen Chbosky’s “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” Bowie’s tour de force will truly allow you to embrace the untrammelled nature of Charlie, Sam and Patrick as they venture through the tunnel.


Malibu – Miley Cyrus

For a while, I couldn’t understand why I found this song so refreshing, until I realised that it’s such a huge childhood throwback to the days of Hannah Montana. Listening to this song makes me dream of a road trip with the girls in a convertible, our hair blowing in the wind and the sun hitting our cheeks. While the chances of owning a convertible are significantly higher than the sun hitting any part of our overtly pale visages in Ireland of all places, if Miley Cyrus can give me the illusion of revelling in the heat of the West Coast, I’ll listen to her any day.

How Bizarre – OMC

This song is definitely most suited to a car journey “cruisin’ down the freeway, in the hot hot sun,” but I assure you that no matter what your mode of transport is, you’ll be pleased to see this gem pop up. In a world where a lot doesn’t make sense, what better way to feel somewhat normal than to listen to one of the most questionable tunes of the 90’s? The song is consistently upbeat and incredibly catchy with lyrics that are as whacky as the title suggests. Trust me when I say it’s a must have for anyone who likes to be in a good mood no matter where they’re headed!


Bloodstream - Ed Sheeran

It would be unforgivable if I failed to include our favourite ginger in this playlist and while you may have expected “Castle on the Hill” to be my Ed song of choice for travel, it is “Bloodstream” that instantly reminds me of cold winter mornings on the bus travelling to school. No matter where I am, once I hear that pulsatile rhythm my mind becomes fixated on an image of a condensed bus window before 7am, with just some random flecks of amber light from the street, fighting its way through the dew to catch my eye. A perfect song for the sleepy but ambitiously early commuter.


Home – Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros

You all know it and there’s no excuse for saying otherwise! “Home” is bound to make you feel very sentimental especially if you haven’t been home in a while. Although the song illustrates a story of two lovers, why can’t it be about going home to your mammy’s cooking? The perfect tune for the college student on the train home on a Friday afternoon in need of a little TLC, broken after a few too many Jӓger bombs.

Super Trouper – ABBA

It’d be rude not to include the world’s greatest pop group in my travel playlist. ABBA are the wizards of mood change and you’re bound to be up and bouncing once you hit play. This song is the definition of a carpool karaoke tune and if you don’t know all the lyrics, get on it, because it’s going to be a lonely (and embarrassing) four minutes if you can’t keep up. (Just to be clear, every ABBA song belongs on your travel playlist).

Y Viva Espana – Sylvia Vrethammer

Look, all I’m saying is that if you’re on a flight to Spain and you don’t have this on your travel playlist, well you certainly don’t have your priorities straight.


Go now – Adam Levine (Sing Street)

If you’ve seen the film you know that this song provides a background to the penultimate scene which sees the film’s lead, the young yet audacious Conor take a leap of faith for the love of a girl and music. While the song isn’t definitively meant for a travel playlist, I do believe it holds a special place for the student who may find themselves searching for their dreams overseas. Just listening to the lyrics will provide you with all the support and inspiration you need to conquer your heart’s desires.
You can find this playlist, including some other travel essentials here.