Campus contributor Ailbhe Ní Riain had a chat with Dhani Mansworth from Britain’s freshest hard rock band The Treatment. She caught up with the drummer who filled her in on shows for the summer, their latest album as well as some funny memories, the lads

So, you guy’s released your new album there in February, Running With Dogs, how you been feeling about it?

The album has been going really well. I mean the first week it charted at 40 in the UK Rock Charts. To be honest we haven’t been able to tour it much, which we’re dying to do. It’s going to be really good because we’re only really done one headline tour, and there are a lot of people who still haven’t heard half the new material yet. I think it will be our first time back in Europe in a year and a half or something so considering what we were like when we went out there, we’ve changed a lot.

Are you going to put up any more Q+A video’s for your fans. ?

Yeah, hopefully when we’re on tour we’ll record some stuff and get as much off tour footage as possible, we’ll see how it goes. We’ll bring a camera and if there’s anything worth filming we’ll film it.

I know you guys have only released an album but are you looking forward to making a new one?
Yeah well I mean, we’re always writing, we always have a few ideas or something new we’re working on at a moment in time. The plan at the moment is to just tour for a while and then take it from there.

You guy’s are playing here on the 17th of June, are you excited? Have you played here before?

Yeah we played in the Olympia Theatre with Slash about a year ago. We haven’t been over to Ireland for a while, we never seem to get put on tours, so we don’t get to come over as much as we’d like.

Summer 2014 brings a host of new gigs, tours and festivals for you guys, which are you guy’s most anticipating to play and why?

I think so far, what we’re looking forward to most is probably Download Festival the fact that it’s in England and probably one of the biggest festivals in the country so we’re going enjoy playing it.

You’re supporting Aerosmith in Italy and Poland, how stoked are you to add another one of the greatest to the list of bands you’ve gigged with and played along side?

Aw, it’s amazing, I mean they’ve been a big influence on all of us for years so to get out and to play a few shows with them is going to be unreal for us, I think it’s going to be a really well suited audience for us as well.

It must have been quite a whirlwind for you guy’s, it’s pretty incredible to be such a young band that everything worked out and just took off, that you’ve gotten to tour with so many big names; Alice Cooper, Thin Lizzy, Status Quo, Motor Head, Black Stone Cherry, but to name a few. Who do you think has been the nicest or taught you the most?

I think it would probably be the Kiss and Motley Crüe tour for us was because they’re two such big bands we didn’t really know what to expect, but they were honestly like the nicest guys to have gone on tour with. They were always really welcoming and always made sure we were alright. It was just a really, really good atmosphere to be on that tour.

You must have learned a lot, playing and touring with some of hard rock’s greats.

Yeah we’d sit down with Gene Simmons and Nicky Sixx throughout the tour and they’d just chat with us, tell us if we did a good job and stuff and that they liked the band, it was just really encouraging to hear it from such big names.

Have you any funny memories you’d like to share with us about any of the bands you’ve played with, anything silly or funny that stand out?

I remember when we played with Alice Cooper on the last show they completely pranked us. We went to walk on stage and they’d put like double sided gaffer tape across the whole stage and then they covered my drum kit in talcum powder and then had a guy in a chicken suit ran on stage half way through. There was so much stuff they did though, playing songs through the PA while we were performing and having people run on sweeping the floor while we were playing and it was just ridiculous.

On our last show of Motley Crüe, on our last song, every member of Motely Crüe and Kiss, they just came on, took all our gear off of us and we were literally left on stage with nothing, no guitars, no amps. I think I had a spare drum, and that was it, all in front of 30,000 people. 

I saw that you guys are looking for a new guitarist?

Well, we have a guitar player who’s going to come out on tour with us, a guy called Fabian, it went really well with him, he flew over from Germany, he’s from Germany. We were auditioning people and he decided to come over, and we really liked his playing and stuff so he’s going to come out on tour with us and we’ll see how it goes from there.

What’s been your favorite festival or gig you’ve played to date?

I’d say of all the festivals we’ve done so far I’d have to say Download, but we haven’t done a lot of major scale festivals. This time when we go out it’s going to be the biggest line of festivals we’ve done, this year we’re doing Rock am Ring, Graspop and plenty other festivals like that so it’s going to be really good to see other big festivals across Europe.

The Treatment will be playing the Academy 2 in Dublin on Wednesday the 18th of June.

If you miss them here you can catch them at a whole array of Rock and Metal Festivals across Europe; Austria, Budapest (Graspop), Poland (Aerosmith), Italy (Aerosmith), Holland (Stone Rock Festival).