Chloe Christie discovers Farah Elle at the Gal's Gig for Repeal.

Last week I luckily happened upon the lilting Farah Elle at the Gal’s Gig for Repeal. This gig combined discussions of neverending abjection of women’s bodies and the creative atmosphere such oppression can cause.

Joined by other upcoming Irish acts such as Hawk and Rachael Lavelle, Farah captured the intense emotion of the like-minded crowd and projected it in her powerful ballad Silk. This beautifully composed song brings two cultures together, born in Libya but raised in Ireland Farah’s lyrics and music reflect this, with the start of Silk catching you off guard that you can’t believe such a huge voice can come from such a small human.

Although it was a short set, it was unforgettable with Farah bringing it to an end by transforming the colloquial use of ‘Scarleh’ into soulful poetry backed up by jazz-inspired piano.

Farah has recently played at Electric Picnic and headlined her first show at Sin É this weekend, do yourself a favor and see her before she takes over the world which no doubt will happen soon.