It was absolutely lashing out, which I endured while waiting outside the O2, wearing a cardigan with no hood and no socks under my shoes, holding a battered Penneys umbrella that let in more water than anything else. Yet this didn’t deter the droves of m

It was a night for the hardcore music lover.

When I strolled into the O2 like a drowned rat after collecting my ticket from a friend, I was unfortunately after missing half of Thin Lizzy’s set (that’s what I get for trusting men to be on time). But from what I saw, the lads haven’t lost it. Brilliant versions of The Boys Are Back In Town,Emerald and Whiskey in the Jar saw the crowd getting good and riled up for the rest of the night. Once they ended and everybody left to get a beer at the bar, me and my friends ran up to nearly the front of the arena, and boy am I glad we did, because Alice Cooper has to have been one of the best live acts I’ve seen in a good while.

A giant curtain bearing a rendering of Cooper’s face (looking very Satanic) shielded the stage from view while the set was assembled, then dropped to the ground amidst clouds of smoke to reveal Alice Cooper on a giant pedestal wearing some contraption that made him look like he had eight extra sets of arms. Bonkers? Yes, but for a support act, all the stops were pulled out as Cooper belted out hit after hit, including School’s OutI’ll Bite Your Face Off, and, my personal favourite, Poison. More mad moments included the rocker coming out with a real snake around his neck, and kissing a blow-up doll. It felt like a headliner, not just a support act, and I could have paid for this show alone and have been perfectly happy.

But the night wasn’t over yet. We still had the headliner to come- the force that is Dep Leppard. And Joe Elliot and the guys definitely didn’t disappoint, playing until midnight with a set that spanned their entire career. I was worried that they’d showcase mostly their new stuff, like the previous tour, but we were treated to oldies like HysteriaPhotograph and the stripper anthem  Pour Some Sugar On Me (and yes, I was gyrated upon by a 40 year-old woman). Amongst the smoke and strobe lights were some amazing acoustic renditions of Two Steps Behind and Bringing On the Heartbreak. When they finished off the set with Wasted, I was about to be engulfed into a mosh pit that had formed immediately to my left, so I fled the O2 hastily.

However, this was an amazing night, and was well worth the €70 ticket price to see three sets of rock heroes in action.