Miriam Doona catches up with 'Urbindipop' Londoners the Chancery Lane to talk defining their genre, playing in Hong Kong and how S Club 7's Bradley helped them with their new album...

Meet Londoners Yemi Mc Ewen and Kevin Wynter, also known as The Chancery Lane, who are bringing something fresh and exciting to the British music scene.

The Chancery Lane offer the world a new, exciting and very fresh brand of music dubbed "Urbindipop". Can you elaborate a little on your personal definition of "Urbindipop”?

We’ve tried so hard to define what we do. People tend to brush us with the RnB brush, which is cool as it’s the music we grew up with, but lets be honest, our music isn’t RnB! But we act very RnB, and typical RnB lyrics are reflected in our music with a hint of pop-y “now”. So when people ask us what we are, we turn to head scratching. We can’t really put our music in a genre and say “yup, this is us” it was more a “yup, this is us…ish” so we decided to give “us” a name. Think of a young American mother. She has a baby and thinks no…She doesn’t fully look like a Chantal, nope, she doesn’t fully look like a Tonya, ah hell she is now called Chantonquisha! Something like that.

You are both from London and formed The Chancery Lane in 2012. You released your debut EP The Next Station Is.... To a very positive response, earning you in excess of 40, 000 followers on social media networks. How did Bradley McIntosh, of S club 7 fame, get involved with you and would you say he was very influential in honing the sound of The Chancery Lane?

Yes, things have really looked up since we formed. It’s quite a funny story. We were going through this phase of not really knowing what angle to take with our music and had just recorded one track. It was cool but it just didn’t have that professional polish on it. We were out one night in Mayfair and met Bradley who was out with Rex from Big Brother (remember him?) and thought- hey it’s a long shot, but this dude was is freakin’ S Club freakin’ 7! He must know how to polish a track or two!

Had a word. Told him we had a track- but it just wasn’t sounding right and whether he could offer any advice… To our surprise, he was like I produce and song-write now. Then Kev challenged him to put his money where his mouth was. Kev said, “Smoking area. Now… Like the track? Work with us. Don’t? Then forever fuck off!” I think Bradley was more shocked at that statement than anything else! He listened to about 10 seconds and said: “Here is my home address. Call me tomorrow.” And that was it!

Bradley definitely has an influence in what we do as he has produced most of the tracks on the album. We first recorded Back To Your Love with him and it quickly became a “proper” track. He guided us with things that he had obviously learned along the years and it just gave the tracks that extra something! Literally the smallest of touches made the biggest differences!

After the release of the debut EP, which was executively produced by McIntosh, you embarked on successful national tour. We got glimpses of your aspirations to lead the rock n roll lifestyle from the self-penned lead single from the EP RockStar Life. How did you find life on the road and all it entails?

Road life is cool! It’s sort of in our blood! Every since we met, we were always up for a road trip. France? Newcastle? Switzerland? Wherever! As long as it was outside the M25-it was going to be fun times! When the tour came about, Yem pretended he didn’t care but that guy has done a 400 mile round trip in a night before. Secretly he was jumping up and down with excitement! The only downside is the heavenly smell of KFC at every service station!

This lifestyle pursuit has not only seen you play iconic venues in the UK, but it has also brought you as far as Hong Kong and The Philippines. Do you have a lot more travel planned and do you intend to play in many more countries and continents around the world?

Honestly we will play on the Moon if you could get us there! We plan to visit as many places as we can. Our most recent trip to Asia was such a great experience. You get to experience how people in other places live; their culture, music, religion and much more! I’d have to say performing in Hong Kong was hands down one of the best shows we’ve ever done, for the experience alone! The whole music scene over there is so cool that words can’t describe. You have bands out there that sell more than the likes of One Direction-who sing in another language, but the music is so undeniably amazing!

You have also opened for many very established artists such as The Game, Flo Rida, Sean Kingston and Ne-Yo, to name a few. In the future and as your momentum grows have you any band or artist who you would like to open a show for you?

While we are on the whole Asian thing, it would be so freakin’ cool if Big Bang could open for us. Although they are so massive that it would probably be rude to expect them to sing first!

You are currently working on a debut album, which has been picked up by founder and creator of Big Brovaz. When can we expect the album and in a few words what can we expect with the album, creatively speaking, both musically and visually with regards to the music videos?

Yes, the new album is really exciting. You know when you record a track that you play ’til you fall asleep and love so much that you just want the whole world to stop for 3 minutes and 38 seconds so they can share the moment too? Yup, there are a few of those on there!
 As well as that, we are not wasting the songs from the EP. It’s not fully finalised, but I have a sneaky feeling one or two of the tracks from the EP will make the album. K (Founder of Big Brovaz) is one of the funniest people you will meet. He has a vision and a straight road to the final destination. There’s no room for the shortcut or the alternate route so, that said, our videos are probably going to be whacky- just like him! Hopefully whacky in a good way- but you just never know with that dude!

What are the plans for The Chancery Lane for the rest of 2014?

Hopefully we can just fly back to Hong Kong and chill for the rest of the year. If wishes were horses! We are going to finish the album, record a video or two and then get back on the road. Maybe wishful thinking, but it would be good if we could nick a spot in the charts too… Our mums will be so proud.