According to Digital Spy, last night's BRIT awards had one of the lowest ratings broadcasts in the history of the music extravaganza.

I say “extravaganza”, but I really mean Britain's excuse to bring the really cool American singers to show up and be glamourous in front of millions of viewers.

James Corden is liked by most, but let's face it, the funny guy is no Ryan Seacrest (that tanned guy, who presents every show in the States).

To be honest, I think the Brits are getting lazier in their cries for attention. This year, they just flew the really high-profiled American artists in to take over the show.

Maybe she was embarrassed for them, but even tried to speak in a Cockney accent, just to remind the people watching that they weren't Stateside.

Here are some of the other not-so-subtle ways in which the Brits played dress-up with the Americans' clothes:

1. Alex Turner

The lead singer of the Arctic Monkeys, who took home the gongs for Best British Group and Best British Album. The guy was one of the top trends of the evening, dually for how amazing his speech was and how much of an arrogant prat he is for making it. However, the obnoxious hair style that Turner was sporting, looked like a greasy attempt at an Elvis Presley impersonation and the rock n' roll speech? I hear Elvis was a bit of a fan of rock n' roll.

2. Go, politics, go!

Every now and then, our American friends use their acceptance speeches as moments to dramatically declare their political preferences. Remember when Michael Moore went ape at George W. while accepting the Oscar for Bowling for Columbine? David Bowie was so impassioned by the idea of losing the Scots in the referendum, he didn't even show up. He just got Kate Moss (who accepted the BRIT on his behalf) to throw in "Scotland, stay with us" to finish of his philosophical input.

3. Let's kiss it out

Random kisses are the norm at award shows. The Americans go all out with moments like the three-way smooch between Madonna, Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. Fast forward a couple of years and you have Sandra Bullock locking lips with Scarlett Johansson. Last night's most talked about kiss was a little less glamorous, when host James Corden kissed Nick Grimshaw.

4. Putting on a show

When Adele decided to simply sing her 2011 hit 'Someone Like You', without dancers, fireworks, lights and action, everyone was amazed. The less-is-more attitude didn't last, when the organisers of the BRITs remembered that the Americans only ever perform if it's an over-the-top production. Hence, the Arctic Monkeys performed in front of fireballs spelling out their newest album. Ellie Goulding managed to do the acoustic thing for a bit, until she got bored and had the stage set on fire.

5. They wore WHAT?

 It's a fabulous idea to organise a night to celebrate and appreciate the musical talents that come out of Britain (and America) every year. So what did you think about Katy Perry's get up? And how amazing did Rita Ora look in the yellow piece of cloth that she stepped into, one foot at a time, like the rest of us?  Kate Moss looked so cool, dressed up as David Bowie, but what's with Pharrell's hat? Next there'll be an offensive old woman, with more plastic in her than a Pyrex factory and a panel of fashion “gurus” ripping apart the stars' wardrobe choices. Now, where have I seen that kind of show before?