For the mostly middle-aged crowd, The Breeders’ gig in Vicar Street last Friday was a massive celebration of youth, forgotten summers and all things good about the 1990s.

The last time the band performed in Dublin was in 2009. By all accounts, it was a fairly lacklustre show, but this time the four-piece (with an additional touring member) regrouped in their original line-up and came out flying, performing their classic 1993 album Last Splash from start to finish along with a number of tracks from their underrated back-catalogue.

Former-Pixies bassist (it was only announced the morning of the gig) Kim Deal fronts the group, and is an instantly likeable performer. She communicated brilliantly with the crowd and her band mates, and her near-constant smiling was infectious.

It seemed as though the entire band were really letting loose for the gig and genuinely having fun, which rubbed off on the audience. It was fairly clear that all the cool mammies chose to relive their teenage years at The Breeders gig instead of Robbie Williams.

The band’s one big hit ‘Cannonball’ is second on Last Splash’s tracklisting, so that was out of the way quickly, but that didn’t take away from the rest of their performance. The music was loud and the guitars were wild, so whether or not you recognised the rest of the setlist didn’t really matter.

Highlights from the set included ‘Flipside’, a cover of The Beatles’ ‘Happiness is a Warm Gun’ and ‘Safari’. After 24 songs and two encores, Kim and co gracefully exited the stage, leaving the audience satisfied.

 It is evident from this performance that The Breeders are a tightly-knit unit and the future looks bright for this band of friends.

A reissue of Last Splash, entitled LSXX, is out now on 4AD.