It's still sad as fuck but now there's synths.

The long-awaited third album '22, A Million' of Bon Iver has arrived, it's still sad as fuck but now there's synths.

Since his debut 'For Emma' was released in 2007 Bon Iver has taken over the folk scene one sad beautiful song at a time, with 'Skinny Love' being in every slightly alternative millennial tv series since it was released. I'm pretty sure I came across Bon Iver in the first season of  Skins and have been crying along to his music ever since.

His third album still contains those poignant lyrics"I'd be happy as hell, if you stayed for tea" that made us think about our ex and wonder what they're up to but the folk guitar has now been combined with synths, horns and crazy layered vocals giving his sound a whole new feel and possibly creating a new genre of folk-synth fusion.

The first track '22 over soon' immerses you into what's to come. There is no foreplay in this album it's all or nothing and you can see why it took so long. Each song has its own individuality ranging from jazz-inspired '21 Moon Water' to a quick change to ‘8 Circle’ which has the essence of the boss (Bruce Springsteen).

The creativity of his composition drips from every second of this album  coming to a climax in my favourite song off the album 'God' where Iver bases the roots of the song in simple piano but as it progresses each sentence has a new twerk or vocal making you pumped but also melancholic and possibly bitter (there's a lot of feelings).

Bon Iver's third album is possibly his best yet and might make you feel a little too much if intoxicated.