We all have our favourite shows, films and actors. These are the ones that captivate both critics and audiences every week or every time a new film comes.

They get press time, news coverage and receive accolade upon accolade. But what about those shows that we love, yet either viewer ratings are below par or the critics hate it and it never wins any awards? Or the ones that receive the praise yet the public remain blissfully unaware of their brilliance. The same story goes for the actors. We all know those who are continually passed over for the more A-lister stars. Here is a snippet of a few shows, films and actors that may deserve more respect than they are given.


1.Ringer-Sarah Michelle Gellar played twin sisters Bridget and Siobhan in a tale of mistaken identity and deception. To make a long story short: Bridget takes on the identity of Siobhan after her sister leads her to believe that she killed herself-cue disaster and confusion. Every episode ended with another twist in the plot, giving the show a mysterious edge that others did not have.  While at times, it was confusing and almost un-believable, the wit of the characters made the show thoroughly enjoyable. Geller herself was excellent at portraying the two vastly different and scheming sisters. Despite receiving positive reviews, the show’s ratings were mediocre at best. The mystery/thriller show couldn’t gain any momentum despite its original plot and was cancelled after the first series in 2012.

2.Enlightened-Laura Dern played a woman attempting to rebuild her life in a very Zen-like way after she suffers a nervous breakdown. Its blend of comedy mixed with ironic seriousness made this quirky dark comedy one of the critic’s favourite of 2012. Yet similar to Ringer, despite a Golden Globe nomination for Dern, the show failed to impress the audiences and struggled to get a following. It was cancelled after the completion of the second series

3.Supernatural- Two brothers who spend their time hunting demons and ghosts; whats not to like? This show has spawned a cult following in the US and abroad with its fantasy-filled episodes and sharp wit from its two superb (not to mention quite attractive) lead actors. With a bit of horror and gore thrown into the mix, it’s an achievement that the show can still remain light-hearted at times. Despite this feat, the show remains to be snubbed by critics event though it’s one of the best in its genre today and has been renewed for a 9th season.

4.Buffy The Vampire Slayer-Most underrated show in TV history in the eyes of many. Perhaps it was the fact that it was about a blonde girl who ‘slayed’ vampires that made the critics laugh, but this was a show that defined and captured the minds of a generation. It dealt with issues such as death, abuse, low self-esteem, the trauma that goes along with being young and of course, heartbreak. No other show has ever managed to so skilfully incorporate these issues within mythical storylines. (btw: BTVS was responsible for Twilight and just about every other vampire-related show/film that is around …still undecided on whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing)

5.Jonathan Creek- The character of Jonathan Creek nothing short of idol for the quirky. He played a curly-haired, duffle-coat wearing, magicians assistant who went around solving murder mysteries. These mysteries and crimes were so genius that you would never be able to solve them yourself: you had to hang on to every word Creek said until the end of the show where all would be revealed. Die-hard fans will be happy to hear the show is back for another series in early 2014.



1.Happy-Go-Lucky-A feel-good film that is so charming, your heart melts while you watch it. Sally Hawkins plays Poppy, a ridiculously happy and inexplicably positive person who swans through life without a care in the world, which infuriates those she encounters.  Although the plot is a bit weak, it’s a character study after all, by the end of the film, you are guaranteed to be left wishing that you were more like Poppy. Oscar nomination where were you?

2.Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind-One of Jim Carey’s finest performances. Taking a step into a more serious role, he plays a man who decides to try a new radical procedure to rid him of his memories of his ex-girlfriend (the effortlessly brilliant Kate Winslet). It turns out his ex-girlfriend had the same idea and gets the same procedure too. They meet again, oblivious to the fact that they were former lovers and start a romance all over again. Very new-age and perhaps ahead of its time, maybe audiences weren’t ready for it in 2004.

3.Boogie Nights-Mark Wahlberg, the artist formerly known as Marky Mark, plays an up-and-coming porn star in the 1970s. This hilarious film does not glamourise the porn industry in any way, shape or form. Mark Wahlberg alone should have won an award for wearing a prosthetic on a certain region of his for an interesting close-up scene.

4.Tyrannosaur-In what has to be one of the saddest films in 2011, Peter Mullan and Olivia Colman play two people plagued by violence and rage who grow close to each other but cannot escape their rather hopeless surroundings and futures. Critics loved this masterpiece, particularly the performance of the excellent Colman. Many were upset that she did not receive an Oscar nod for her riveting portrayal.




1.Sarah Michelle Gellar-SMG has been mentioned a few times in this piece but credit is due where credit is due. She was the official ‘Scream Queen’ of the late nineties, appearing in nearly every teenage slasher flick and getting killed every time. Then there was the seven-year stint as Buffy, the role which has defined her career and made her an icon for girl power. And who could forget her effortless portrayal of a spoilt, rich, bitch in Cruel Intentions?

2.Zach Braff- J.D. From Scrubs. Although getting numerous nominations for his comedic character, he never picked up an award for his portrayal of the geeky Dr John Dorian? If ever there was an actor who didn’t get credit for his role.

3.Matthew Gray Gubler- The cute Dr. Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds. The talented actor brings his character to life in the crime show. He plays the loveable genius who has the IQ of what seems like a billion yet still brings a vulnerable childlike quality to the character. One of the highlights of the successful show.

4.Chandra Wilson- The formidable Dr Bailey from Grey’s Anatomy. Only one word for her: fierce. Many people’s favourite character from that show. Wilson has transformed Bailey’s character into the standout star as she has made her witty, compassionate and tough. Some of Grey’s best moments have come from heart-breaking and emotional scenes from Chandra Wilson. She’s the woman everyone can relate to.

5.Charlotte Gainsbourg-A powerful actress in her own right who does not shy away from difficult roles. She seems to covet the controversial and out-there films. She is not afraid to push boundaries and tackle the difficult scenes. She appeared in the Von Trier film, Antichrist, where her character undertook violent and agressive sexual behaviour. Not many actresses could pull off a role such as that one.