Our newest contributor Michaela Keating brings us the ultimate list of classic chick flicks every girl should see...
1. Mean Girls

After recently celebrating its ten year anniversary, Mean Girls is officially the queen bee of chick flicks. It taught us that butter was indeed a carb, that ‘fetch’ was never going to happen and that “You go Glen Coco!” was an adequate yell of support for our friends’ achievements. 

2. The Notebook

The Notebook is the epitome of a chick flick. Ryan Gosling is topless and yet again Rachel McAdams is stunning.  So after a whirlwind romance and a passionate kiss in the rain we’ll all end up happily ever after too ...right?

3. The Vow

Despite the fact that Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum make the most beautiful coupling in movie history, the magic of this one is that it’s inspired by a true story. Have the tissues at the ready ladies.

4. Pretty Woman

Whose heart strings aren’t pulled when Edward Lewis overcomes his fear of heights to climb the fire escape up to Vivian’s apartment? He also flies her to opera’s and buys her designer gowns; you know just your average Joe.

5. 13 Going on 30

Jenifer Garner made us all want to be “thirty, flirty and thriving” back in 2004 and with a   soundtrack including Whitney and Rick Springfield it never fails for those girly nights in.

6. Dirty Dancing

We all wouldn’t mind a bit of Patrick Swayze in our lives, might want to start hitting the gym though if you plan to pull off that air lift... 

7. Grease

Whether it’s the summer lovin’ or the ridiculously catchy songs, it goes without saying that Grease makes it to the top of many of our guilty pleasure lists.