Michelle Townsend looks at our very own rising star.
Although his acting career began way back in 2001, it is only in recent years that Domhnall Gleeson has established himself as one of the finest actors that our country has produced in a long, long time. His down-to-earth ‘everyday bloke’ image gives him a genuine charisma while his ability to take on any acting role has made him an incredibly authentic actor, one which Ireland should be hugely proud of.
Domhnall is the son of the legendary actor Brendan Gleeson. One could argue that Domhnall has been fortunate enough to play the roles he has through this family connection, but his success does not come down to luck - the fact of the matter is that one look at any of the film star’s recent roles proves that he has just inherited a fantastic skill from his father.
As aforementioned, Domhnall has been in quite involved with show business for years now, ever since he graduated from D.I.T with a degree in Media Arts. Although he has been quite involved with film and television since 2001, the actor’s breakthrough came about in 2010 when he gained recognition portraying Bill Weasley in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part I. His father Brendan also appeared in the film, reprising his role as Mad-Eye Moody, who had been involved with the franchise ever since it’s fourth instalment, Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire.
Domhnall started to gain a lot more high-profile work off the back of appearing in Harry Potter, going on to star in films such as Ex Machina, About Time and even nabbing a role as General Hux in one of the most popular film franchises ever - Star Wars. The young actor was really starting to make an impact on Hollywood. In fact, every film Domhnall starred in in 2015 - True Grit, The Revenant and Brooklyn - received multiple Oscar nominations each. Simply put, a film starring Domhnall Gleeson was guaranteed to be a hit, and the recognition he received for his phenomenal acting skills was a testament to his hard work ethic.
His successes by no means stopped in 2015, however. This year alone Domhnall has starred in the horror film Mother! alongside Jennifer Lawrence, the gripping drama American Made alongside Tom Cruise and most recently Goodbye Christopher Robin, a biographical film about Winnie The Pooh author A.A Milne alongside Margot Robbie.
One of the most remarkable and endearing things about Domhnall is that, despite all his hard-earned and well deserved success, he still retains such a normality about him; a down-to-earth charm and a genuine kindness. His recent appearance on The Late Late Show last month had viewers praising his professionalism as an actor and his genuinity as a person. Things even got a bit emotional when host Ryan Tubridy reunited him with his old drama teacher from primary school - he got a bit teary-eyed and thanked him for all she taught him - showcasing a gratitude and appreciation for the amazing opportunities he has had as an actor thus far.
Fans of film would be foolish not to cash in on Domhnall Gleeson’s outstanding talent and give his films a watch - that is to say, if they have not already. The films he has already been a part of are undoubtedly brilliant and he has some exciting new projects lined up too - including a live action film of Peter Rabbit as well as a reprise of his role as General Hux in the upcoming film Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Domhnall Gleeson is a phenomenal actor who proves that even being from a small country like Ireland, you can still have incredible success - and long may it continue.