Dublin-based hip-hop trio and viral sensation, The Original Rudeboys, released their long-awaited debut single ‘Stars In My Eyes’ on 14 October.

The song’s homemade video has gained nearly 170,000 views on YouTube since March, making it the band’s most-watched track to date and the fail-safe choice to launch their career.

Having only formed in March of this year, the inner city lads have drummed up an unprecedented cult following – selling out three shows in the Academy 2, a set on the Vodafone Stage at Oxegen and appearances at both Tennents Vital and Leeds and Reading Festival, all within their first six months of formation.

Not bad for an unsigned hip-hop act from Dublin.

‘Stars In My Eyes’ mixes acoustic instruments, a soulful chorus and hard rhymes which is certainly a unique sound from anything previously heard within the Irish music scene.

By blending the ukulele and acoustic guitar with a rap about daydreaming of wealth and fame while stuck in a mundane and underprivileged life, the band manage to create a fresh sound but lack creative lyrics.

The vocals leave something to be desired, but on an admittedly catchy chorus. Lyricist, Sean ‘Neddy’ Arkin’s distinct Dublin voice does take a few listens to adjust to, or you may mistake him for one half of Damo and Ivor of ‘Everybody’s Drinking’ fame.

That being said, the band have a likeability factor that you can’t quite put your finger on, similar to that of The Streets, one of Neddy’s musical idols.

This song has definite potential to grow in the national charts.

Download "Stars in their Eyes".