This weekend, our contributors checked out the best movies currently streaming on Netflix. Darragh Mowlds reviews Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting is one of the ultimate film classics and often appears in any “top 10 films you must see before you die”, and rightly so.

In Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s first attempt at writing a film, they didn’t do a half bad job, winning the Oscar for best original screenplay and all that. 

Damon plays the title character, a math genius, high school drop-out with a photographic memory.  He is stuck in a rut, going through the motions in Boston.  He seems content to drink a few beers, hang out with his friends and generally waste his potential for the rest of his life. 

Affleck, his best friend wants nothing more than to see him fulfil his potential and get out of Boston.  This desire leads to a particularly emotional scene in which Affleck proclaims that “you’re sitting on a winning lottery ticket, and you’re too chicken to cash it in”. 

His life changes when he meets Skylar, played by Minnie Driver and it’s her departure that kick starts his life. 

Robin Williams offered the film star quality; he portrays Sean Maguire, a teacher and therapist who helps Damon work out his childhood issues and tries to unlock his potential.  For his performance, Williams earned an Academy Award and it was richly deserved.  

In watching the journey of an insecure and troubled young man, we are provided with several touching moments and only the heartless won’t need a box of tissues during the famous park scene starring Damon and Williams.

It is arguably the greatest coming of age film of all time, but in no way does it prescribe to the traditional formula for this type of film.  Best friends Damon and Affleck, excite, amaze and inspire a generation of young film makers and watchers alike.

Good Will Hunting is now streaming on Netflix.

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