Megan checks out some of the best veggie spots in town that won't make a meal of your finances

No list of vegetarian restaurants in Dublin would be complete without a nod to Cornucopia. This is a Dublin institution which has sat in the same location on Wicklow Street since its doors first opened in 1986.

Any vegetarian/vegan in Dublin worth their fleur de sel has eaten here and loved it.

With soup and salads from €4.50 along with a range of other cheap and tasty treats, this is an elegant eatery with something to cater to people of all tastes…except carnivores.

KC Peaches

KC Peaches isn’t strictly a vegetarian restaurant, however it does boast an impressive range of veggie-friendly options. It has a fresh, wholefood organic ethos and as such offers gluten free and vegan dishes too.

You can fill a small lunch box to the brim with delicious fare such as vegetable casseroles and other homely hot foods for just €4.95. There is also a diverse range of salads, sandwiches and desserts.

This is a relaxed but stylish establishment ideal for a lazy Sunday brunch.

Blazing Salads 

Blazing Salads on Drury Street is another stalwart for the vegan and vegetarian community in Dublin.

This organic bakery and deli has an unbeatable salad bar as well as almost poetically titled baked goods such 'spinach & goats cheese with fresh dill pies' and 'delicious lavender & walnut sourdough boule'.

The only downside to this eatery is the fact that their scrumptious salad bar is charge by the weight and self-service, so a modicum of self-control is required to fulfil the “under €5” criterion.

Falafel and Kebab

Mediterranean cooking tends to lend itself fairly well to vegetarian options and Falafel and Kebab on Essex Street in Temple Bar is no exception.

Not only are there a huge number of vegetarian options, from falafel wraps to salad plates to veggie burgers, but the vast majority of these are under €5.

A cosy, cute and colourful restaurant, this is a hugely underrated place that more people -- vegetarians and meat-eaters alike -- should try.

Stir Crazy Noodles

For veggies with a taste for Asian cuisine, Stir Crazy Noodles on Dame Street is the place to go.

Although in recent years Dublin has seen a plethora of new noodle bars, Stir Crazy beats out the competition not only in the pun stakes, but also for taste.

Their ordering format is reassuringly simple. For €4.90 you pick the type of noodle (whole wheat, vermicelli, udon etc.) you want, all accompanied by delicious vegetables and egg free of charge.

Then if you wish you can add extras such as tofu, roasted peanuts or sweet corn for €1 each and finally you pick your sauce (also free of charge): sweet chilli, pad thai, black bean, the list goes on.

Also serving beer and soft drinks, this is great for a quick lunch on the go, or for any time at all really.

Happy eating!

Did we miss any good, cheap places for veggies around town? Leave a comment below!