Hannah Popham shares some more money-saving tips. You can check out more ways to hack college here. Brought to you by 48.

1. Get your hair cut for free. Dozens of hairdressing schools around the country are only shouting out for willing students to give up their tresses in the name of training their staff. Although it may seem a bit scary getting your hair cut by a trainee hairdresser, they are all fully supervised by experienced staff. Depending on the hairdressers, haircuts can be free or as little as €10, with half cut colouring. It’s definitely worth a little bravery to get a new do for the price of less than two drinks. Grafton Barbers also offers student discount of only €9 a haircut for guys.

2. Get paid to try out beauty and grooming products. Beauty companies such as Oriflame can pay up to and over €100 to take part in skincare trials for their products. If you apply to their websites and fill out a simple questionnaire about your skin type, they will invite you to take part in all the trials you are eligible for which include testing sun cream, long-wear make-up and moisturisers. Easy money for just looking good.

3. Take part in university studies for money. Check out your university noticeboards for on-going paid medical and psychological studies. If eligible, you can be paid up to €75 for taking part in an MRI, response tests or even just questionnaires. A lot of these invitations for studies even come through your e-mails, so a wander into your junk mail folder or down to the psychology section of your college could earn you enough for a shopping spree.

4. Get your tax back. Although they make it as frustrating as possible and it will take you at least several infuriating phone calls, anyone who made less than €12,000 last year is entitled to claim their Universal Social Charge back. Even though USC only amounts to a few euro every pay check, sorting it out with Revenue could result in a check for several hundred euro that can go straight towards the J1 fund.

5. Get a Free iPhone (well, not quite). However, if you have a family member/friend/long-lost cousin who has for some reason decided to upgrade the phone they have that’s about five generations more advanced than yours, it is now easier than ever to unlock it. Phone network 48 has launched a '48 Unlock Guide' to give you info on unlocking for even the most determined of technophobes. Essentially, with the right timing you can now take advantage of any phone-cast offs that come your way without having to stay on high-price networks that are a little beyond the student budget you already dedicated to pizza and beer.

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