If you're thinking of getting a part time in college, Emily Sheahan thinks you should think again.
With cost of rent (and pints) rising, working part-time while in college may seem like the logical thing to do. A huge number of students work throughout their college years, be that in order to fund their degree, save up responsibly, or have that bit of extra cash for nights out. But before tossing a C.V. at employers left right and centre, consider whether or not you really need to. Taking on a job is a bigger sacrifice than many realise and it’s a huge commitment.
Having to work is one thing, and not one that anyone can dispute. While it's not always a choice, students who do not have to work to fund their education or accommodation may end up sacrificing certain aspects of student life. Life is short and if stocking shelves or pulling pints can be avoided, all the better. This is an evaluation purely for students who do not have to fund themselves.
Students might take up a part-time job because it appears to be the norm at this point in life. However, if it’s not necessary, why follow the norm? Student life is a unique experience and a chance to discover the world and figure out your place in it, all while pursuing what you (hopefully) want to do with the rest of your life.
It’s possible yes, but it can make life harder. If students work too many hours they’ll start to feel the pressure and their studies may begin to suffer. Before taking on a job, it’s important to consider if it’s worth that risk. Additionally, academia may not be the only aspect to suffer. Being constantly in either college or work may leave students missing out on a social life.
It may reach the point where you don’t have time for anything else. You’re time may be split 50/50: work and college. It becomes harder to find time for things that are important such as exercise, hobbies, (writing articles), and socialising. Yes, it’s wonderful to have a savings account that’s filling up, but is that more valuable than all the little experiences that come with being a student?
Students many find that working long hours in order fund their studies can turn into a vicious cycle of falling behind on assignments because they’re working too much, and working too much to fund activities and anything but those dreaded assignments.
Even if it leaves you a bit short in the pockets, working is not the only way to cram as much experience into those three or four years as possible. Take advantage of the student discounts that are being advertised everywhere you look. When shopping, always ask if they have a student discount. It may only be 10% but the savings add up quick. Additionally, there are so many things to do for free in the city that you’ll appreciate just as much as any expensive outing.
It’s important to prioritise your studies and remember why you are where you are and where you want to go. What’s the point in earning a bit of pocket money if it means sacrificing time meant for your life goal. Don’t lose out on opportunities to have some of best experiences of your life because you’re stuck at work.
Yes, money may make the world go around, but there’s plenty of time for you to make your contribution to that. For now, figure out where you want to go, make a plan to get there, and if you don’t have to, don’t put up with rude customers and strict managers. It might make things a little bit tighter, but there are more important things in life.