The summer job hunt is tough but it will teach you a lot if you stick with it, writes Jack McCann...

As soon as I finished my first year in college, one of the first things that came to mind was where to start looking for a job. Two months on and having sent out countless CVs and cover letters, visited shops and talked to many managers and written an article about finding one still nothing, absolutely nada, zilch. Getting your first job is probably the toughest thing going for a student. Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t give up.

1. It gives you something to do

As you have no job, that usually entails have little or no money. Therefore you can’t do a lot. However, looking for a job can help to give you sense of activity as you write, edit and print CVs and cover letters gives you something to do. Even if it’s only for an hour a day, it still gives you a semblance of structure to the day.

2. It’s an experience in itself

Going to a shop manager, dropping a CV in and not hearing anything back, is an experience in itself. It’s the experience of being rejected by a company. It will happen to every college student at some point, unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg and own the company you work for. Being rejected is a tough pill to swallow, however it has to be experienced. It’ll motivate you to find a job sooner rather than later.

For me, by the middle of June I just wanted to throw the towel in, and for a couple of weeks I did little or nothing about finding a job. However, I realised after those couple of weeks, I needed something, anything, to prevent me from being bored senseless.

3. The satisfaction when you do get one

This is one of the main things driving me to get a job-the feeling of knowing you’ve found and got the job and that you’re making your own money. It’s the feeling of satisfaction. I can’t wait for that. You also won’t feel absolutely useless when your brother/sister goes to work as you’ll be doing the same or be on the day off that you earned after doing 4 days straight at wherever you work.

4. Independence

Nobody likes to sponge off their parents for everything, you feel like crap doing it. When you get a job, you no longer will have to ask your parents for a tenner or what not if you want to do anything and hopefully it will feel awesome. (That’s what I’m hoping, anyway.)

Lastly, if you’re like me and still looking for one, keep going and good luck, you’ll find something eventually.

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