Student barwork isn't all spilled Guinness and breaking glasses, writes Danielle Stephens

It’s difficult to juggle working and studying at the same time. However, for some, it’s necessary to have a few hours of work a week to survive the college years. One of the most popular jobs to have for students is working in a pub, either serving or tending behind the bar.

Here are some of the biggest pros, for students, in choosing to work in a pub:

1. Flexible hours: Trying to manoeuvre around retail opening hours can be a pain. Normally, the majority of work in a bar is available at night-time, or during the weekends. On top of that, there’s a higher chance of being able to switch shifts with others around exam time.

2. No need for experience: I’m not talking about high-end bars that will have you serving mojitos to the rich and famous; but local pubs don’t usually look for experience. It’s one of the easier jobs to start off in, once you have the people skills to carry you through.

3. Making friends: If you’re lucky, the people you work with can turn into a second family. For the most part, the atmosphere in a pub is great fun and your colleagues are a new group of friends that you can make instantly. Any turnover of staff will just add to this collection of friends.

4. It’s not studying: As daft as it sounds, going to work can be a welcome relief from the college day that you’ve had to endure. You’re always going to find someone to chat to in work, giving you a break from that lonely silence you go through while studying.

5. Sport: If you’re a nutter about sport, working in a pub can be great fun. Big matches can make a shift fly by and nothing creates a greater relationship between you and the customer, than some healthy competition on game day.

6. TIPS: This is a really simple one. The better you are at your job, the more tips that you get. The more tips that you get, the more you can spend on drink. The more you spend on drink, the more tips you need to make. It’s a vicious cycle.

7. Experience: No matter where you go in the world, the best chance of finding handy work, is in the hospitality industry. Working in a bar during your college years, gives you the chance to travel with some experience under your belt.

8. Finally… Lock-ins: I don’t need to say anymore.