The dreaded emergency tax. We spoke to the guys at Revenue Ireland who told us exactly what we need to know.
When you start your first job, or a new job, (even if it is part-time or temporary) you should tell Revenue as soon as possible or you may end up paying emergency tax. When you register your job, Revenue will send a Tax Credit Certificate to you and your new employer so that the employer knows how much tax and Universal Social Charge (USC) to deduct from your pay.

What you should do?

The first step is to register for myAccount, Revenue’s secure online service. To register you will need:
· PPS number
· Date of birth
· Mobile or landline number
· Email address
· Home address
Or, you can get instant access to myAccount if you can verify your identity with two of the following:
· Irish driving licence number
· Information from your Form P60
· Information about your Income Tax
· Notice of assessment or acknowledgement of self-assessment from Revenue.
If you cannot provide this information, you should select the ‘by post’ option and Revenue will issue your password by post.
Click here to start your registration now.

Registering your new job

When you receive your myAccount password, you can quickly and easily register your new job by taking the following steps:
· Go to and sign into myAccount
· Click on the ‘Jobs and Pensions’ card if you are registering your first job
· If you are registering a second or subsequent job click on the ‘Add Job or Pension’ link on the PAYE Services card
· By answering a series of simple questions you can register your job and the tax credits you are entitled to will be automatically granted
· Your Tax Credit Certificate (TCC) will be available to view, print or download in the My Documents service in myAccount within 2 working days.
· Information will also be sent to your new employer who will then make the correct deductions from your pay.

How to claim tax back?

You may be entitled to claim a tax refund if you have paid tax and you have not yet claimed all the tax credits you are entitled to or you have paid emergency tax.
During the tax year, your employer will make any refund of tax overpaid through your wages as soon as your register your job online and your information has been sent to your new employer.
To claim a refund of tax for any of the last four years, click on the ‘Review your tax’ link on the PAYE Services card in myAccount and complete a Form 12 tax return.
For more information in relation to registering your new job, claiming your entitlements and claiming tax refunds please go to