We’ve all got to do it at some stage – there’s not much work around and you are stuck in a scum-of-the-earth job. “Think of the money,” everyone says. “You’re lucky to even have a job!”

You know you’re lucky to have a job and you’re grateful to have the money – but sometimes that just isn’t enough. And a job you hate can be absolutely soul-destroying and really get you down. So here are some quick tips to help improve your job situation.

What’s causing it?

First of all, why exactly do you hate your job? Is it the type of work itself? Is it the pay, your boss or the people you work with? Once you figure this out, you can try figure out what you should do.


This sounds very daunting, but maybe you should talk to your boss or a trusted co-worker about the issues you are having with the job. Try and pose your problem in as positive a way as possible. Think of an appropriate approach and be prepared to offer some solutions.

Positive focus

Don’t be completely negative and try changing your whole outlook on the job. If you can solve the problems you have with the job then give yourself a chance to be more positive about the situation. You might find something you actually like about the work.

Haters gonna hate

If you have problems with co-workers, don’t worry – not everyone gets along and not everyone will like you. However, if you are being bullied by your colleagues, then it is crucial that you speak to your boss and get to bottom of it.

If all else fails?

If you are totally unhappy, then get your CV out there and look for other work. Despite what everyone says about money and such, you have control over what you do with your life – and there’s no point doing what you hate for the majority of your time.