Calling all students! We are currently looking for staff to work as reps for Microsoft!
Reps will work within their college, as well as at one-off events in Dublin city, showcasing the latest Microsoft products, including Surface Devices, Xboxes, Nokia Lumias and more.
The ideal candidate should:
  • Have prior experience in promotions or sales in Ireland.
  • Have strong communication skills.
  • Be sociable and engaging.
  • Be tech-savvy (knowledge of Windows 10 and Office365 is a plus).
As well as great hourly pay rates, there are lots of little perks that go with these positions.
Benefits include:
  • Training in marketing and sales.
  • Training in the latest Microsoft offerings.
  • Internship opportunities with our clients.
And, depending on your role, a free laptop, tablet or smartphone for the duration of the campaign.
Simply send on your CV to to apply!!