The broadcaster secured the rights today.

RTÉ has secured the rights to exclusively how the Irish qualifier of the 2020 Euros and 2022 World Cup.

According to The Journal, the broadcaster will be able to show the Irish team’s European qualifiers, both home and away, for the Euros and the World Cup.

Dublin will be one of the 13 cities taking part in the Euro Championship's new hosting arrangement. For the first time, the tournament will take place in several cities across Europe including Baku, Bilbao, Bucharest, Budapest, Brussels, Copenhagen, London.

London will be home to the final matches of the tournament, which will take place in Wembley, and four previous games held in our own Aviva Stadium. 

RTÉ already had the broadcasting rights for the Irelad qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup and the finals in Russia. 

This new agreement covers all RTÉ platform; TV, online, Radio and mobile. 

So get your TVs ready. 

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