What is appropriate dress for one job interview may not be appropriate for the next.

Dressing for an interview
  • What is appropriate for one interview may not be appropriate for the next. It depends on the culture of the company that you are interviewing for.
  • You must prepare for the interview. When you call to confirm the interview ask about the regular dress code this will give you an idea of how to dress for the interview.
Basic grooming for the interview?
  • Treat an interview as a first date, if you're not going to take it as seriously as you would a first date then you likely shouldn't go
  • If you do not appear well groomed the interviewer will question how seriously you are taking this interview.
Does clothing colour matter?
  • It plays a bigger part then you may think that it would
  • The triangle under your chin is what makes a difference find out what colour works best for you.
  • Same holds true for accessories (ties and scarfs etc...)
How do you show individuality in an interview?
  • It's easy to loose your individuality and blend into the crowd
  • It doesn't have to be expensive just effective something that says that you've thought about your appearance and you know what colours look good on you.
  • Anything that you bring into the interview should be high quality (pen folders etc...) these things shouldn't matter but they do.


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