When most people hear London, they immediately think of next year’s Olympic Games, the Royal Family or the recent UK Riots. However, on my recent visit to the city, I discovered there is much more to Britain’s largest city.

Landing in Heathrow Terminal 1, you face a 15 minute walk to get to the closest underground station. The Piccadilly line, transferring the population of Dublin a day, is never a quiet or air conditioned journey to central London. But still, the impeccably fast train delivers passengers to central London in half an hour.

My trip to London lasted four days. As a member of the Journalism Society, I was privileged to take a once-off tour of Sky Studios. The society also met Rachel Weiss, an Irish-born Sky Sports broadcaster.  The BBC was next on our list, however after seeing the behind the scenes of Sky Studios, the state-owned broadcaster couldn’t compare.

Travelling to London in the autumn is a wise choice. Firstly, the streets, hotels and restaurants are less crowded as this is the off-peak season. If there was any time of year travelling to London would benefit those looking for a relaxing city break in the sun, autumn is definitely the perfect medium. Secondly, for those interested in shopping, try to visit Oxford Street in the evening time as the majority of shops stay open until 10 o’clock during the week. To keep the shopper’s momentum going, visit the Westfield Shopping Centre in West London for all the brands that are hard to come by at home.

Travelling from Kensington to Camden by Tube, we saw all cultures of London.  I was presently surprised to find that every person we met were extremely kind and helpful, especially the people working in the underground stations.

The climate of south east England is idyllic for Irish people. The sun was beaming down on tourists and residents alike with Hyde Park full of people sunbathing in October, a sight that we Irish will never witness in St. Stephen’s Green. To take advantage of the weather and the lifestyle London has to offer, travelling fifty minutes with Aer Lingus is not a hard effort to see the sun.

Socialising with friends could never be easier. Central London has thousands of bars. Some close at midnight, while others continue on until 3am. There is a large scale of competition between nightclubs, especially in the bustling area of Leicester Square, delivering great promotion deals to socialites.

Despite the upcoming Olympic Games next summer, the recent looting and the wedding of the century, the streets of London has much more to offer. Take the advice of someone who has definitely caught the travelling bug, London can be everyone’s favourite destination.