You left everyone at home, confident that they’d miss you more than you’d ever miss them. You laughed at the idea of ever yearning for the Emerald Isle and its crappy weather.

But a strange feeling has come over you of late, a feeling you can’t quite explain. You’re heart skips a beat when you hear an Irish accent on Skype and a blinding rage comes over you when you can’t find Brennan’s bread in the supermarket.

What is this awful ailment you suffer from? You, my friend, are homesick.

The tell-tale signs:

1. The Mammy

The woman may drive you mad from time to time, and when you’re at home, you’d rarely call your mother anything other than the usual “mam”, or “mom”. Strangely though, after a couple of weeks away and a lack of the majestic woman’s dinners, you start hearing yourself referring to her like this: “Ahh I wouldn’t worry about that, the mammy will bring us out a pair when she comes to visit.”

2. Irish comedians

It’s been a long day, lots of people saying things you didn’t understand and there’s not an Irish person in sight. You need to laugh, or you may cry. It can’t be any old laugh though, no. You have to watch those funny guys, who’ll make you laugh at jokes about the Irish. Getting onto YouTube, searching for Tommy Tiernan, Dara O’Briain, or maybe for the best bits of Father Ted will get you smiling in no time.

3. Irish pubs

It’s not so much the drink that’s appealing, but the craic inside that you’re going for. The feeling of utter excitement when you see a Guinness sign or even a harp hanging outside a bar in a foreign land is priceless.

4. The casual cry in the supermarket

They couldn’t be out of Barry’s teabags, could they? What do you mean, they don’t sell Hellman’s mayonnaise? Anything other than Avonmore is utter sh*te. Sunday is not Sunday without my Denny’s rasher, okay?

These are just some of the tantrums you will throw while trying to do a weekly shop abroad. Hopefully the mammy packed a cheeky Cadbury’s bar in the suitcase.

5. Orange alert jealousy

People’s houses have been destroyed; cars have been swallowed by giant sink holes and (for the love of God) a Limerick man was able to fish out of his front garden. So why are you annoyed that you’re missing these horrific storms? It’s unexplainable, but you can’t deny the need to hear IRISH rain on your window while lying in bed.

6. Feeling left out

Scrolling down your newsfeed on Facebook becomes a daunting task, as you realise that you’ve missed something else. It’s getting bad when you start getting annoyed at your friends for not tagging you in photos from nights out. “She doesn’t even go here” springs to mind.

7. Being a political God

If someone asks you in Ireland, what do you think of politics, your response is a blasé “I hate it, it’s boring.” However, when you read about a new tax that those Government people have introduced to your fellow Irishman, it’s a moment of rage. Getting angry at those idiots in the Dáil, makes you feel alive and definitely more Irish.

8. Flying that flag

 Who knew that a piece of cloth could bring out so much emotion in you? While settling into your new apartment or room etc. the first thing to go on your wall is the Irish flag. Waking up to the fantastic tricolour and perhaps feeling a lump in your throat is a definite sign that you’re a homesick puppy.

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