The second largest public service union, Impact, has voted in favour of the new pay deal for State workers – but has called for early follow-on talks on ending two-tier pay scales

Impact members have backed the Public Service Stability Agreement (PSSA) by a margin of 77pc to 23pc on a 52pc turnout. The union has almost 60,000 members, including 50,000 in the public sector.

The Impact result makes it more likely that the deal will be carried by an overall majority within ICTU Public Services Committee group of unions.

However, as the result was announced, Impact deputy general secretary Kevin Callinan called for discussions on dealing with pay inequality for new entrants, which was not addressed in the agreement.

He said if the deal  has been accepted by a majority of ICTU public service unions when the committee meets on September 18, discussions on addressing two-tier pay scales should begin immediately.

“The PSSA will see the restoration of pay cuts and a significant proportion of the so-called pension levy for the vast majority of public servants, including new entrants," said Mr Callinan.

He said this was “a good outcome” but soured by the “corrosive iniquity between pre- and post-2011 staff which, in the public service, is now the number one legacy of the crisis. It needs to be dealt with urgently and conclusively.”