Hannah Farrell sheds some light on why you should always remove your makeup before bed.
We all know how tempting it is to roll over and snooze after long day of lectures, and an even longer night out. But I'm here to shed some light on just why our mammies tell us sleeping in our makeup is so bad, complete with my favourite products for getting the job done when we want to the least.
We’ve all experienced the magic of cosmetics. When the face you were born with refuses to cooperate, its power to take you from dreary to divine is quite remarkable. Unfortunately, as fun as it is to make a masterpiece of your face with all your brushes in tow, taking it all off is more of an inconvenience than anything else, and even more so when you can barely see (blame it on the “Jakob bombs” of DTwo’s fine establishment).
Perhaps it’s laziness, but I reckon if you truly knew the long term damage of sleeping with your makeup up on, well you just wouldn’t dream of doing it.

First off, do you realise how gross it is?

You wouldn’t wash your face with muck, so why would you skip washing it all? If you’re coming in the door at 3am it’s very likely that you’re makeup has already been on your face for eight hours or so. That being said I reckon it’s not looking very fresh even after a full face misting of Urban Decay All-Nighter.

You’ll more than likely break out.

Your skin tries to compensate for the lack of natural air moisture and so excess sebum is produced. When this mixes with the dirt that you failed to remove from your skin it causes your pores to become blocked and we all know what that mean. A new and overly friendly visitor claims ownership of your chin. Plus, a lovely congregation of blackheads on your nose, is the result of the oxidation of all that gunk clogging up your once glowing visage. Combine this with alcohol, which decreases the body's production of anti-diuretic hormone, making your body lose more fluid, your skin will not be appreciative.

10 years older.

I spoke about how your skin will produce more oil to compensate with the dehydrating effect of wearing makeup to bed, and while your skin may initially appear more congested than you would like, I can promise you that this is only the beginning. If you choose to keep up this disgusting habit, over a certain timeframe you are guaranteed to age prematurely. An experiment carried out by the Daily Mail really puts this in to visual perspective. I’m not sure about you, but I’m happy to be asked for ID for the rest of my days if it means I’ll look forever youthful.

Eye can’t see.

Leaving eye makeup on overnight is bound to result in a panda eye the next morning. But if you’ve rubbed your eyes nonsensically as you slept or you wake up to find the remaining residue imprinted on your pillow, there’s a chance that some portion of the flaking black grit has landed in your eye. In this case, sporting a panda eye is the least of your worries. The irritation that this debris can cause your eye may lead to conjunctivitis, which, when bacterial, is highly contagious. If you’re unfortunate enough to find yourself with the symptomatic sticky, itchy and bloodshot eyes, a trip to your pharmacist is your best bet for advice! But as the age old saying goes, ‘prevention is better than cure,’ so for the love of god take off the makeup before bed and save yourself the hassle.
It’s easy to preach about the importance of taking off your makeup before heading to bed after a night out. But maybe we’d all be in better practice if the process was less cumbersome. So I’ve comprised a list of the essentials that will get you fresh faced in seconds giving you more time to get z’s in before 9am lectures.

Cleanse Off Mitt.

Jennifer Rock’s baby is really the ultimate skincare life changer. It’s hassle free, all you have to do is add water. The micro fibrous material will sweep away dirt and grime in seconds leaving you with a squeaky clean visage, ready for your leaba. While I personally use the “COM” as a pre-cleanser, it does the job at 3am when a three step cleansing routine is just too much for your tender soul. The humble mitt is available in a wide range of chemists across the country but if you’re more of an online shopper, Cloud10 Beauty is the place for you.

Waxperts Wonder Pads.

Another Irish born creation is the Waxperts Wonder Pads by Ellen Kavanagh of Waxperts Salon in Dún Laoghaire. These are honest-to-God lifesavers. Salicylic acid is basically a hoover for oil. While the product is primarily intended for the treatment of ingrown hairs, if you watch Ellen herself on snapchat (@waxpertsellen) you’ll see her rave about these pads for spots and blemishes. These are perfect for the bedside locker and will guarantee you a clear face. I recommend using these after your Cleanse of Mitt so you’re getting the benefit of active ingredients found in a traditional cleanser minus the mess! Once again you can add these gems to your basket on Cloud10 Beauty.

No7 Wipes.

I’m not exactly a fan of wipes for removing makeup but I’d prefer to use a wipe than not remove my makeup at all. My top choice is the luxurious No7 wipes from Boots. They’re a lot plumper than cheaper alternatives and I don’t find that they strip my skin either so that’s a plus. A bit more expensive at a tenner BUT you can get your €6.50 off voucher at Boots and a 10% student discount with your leapcard and advantage card, so it’ll only cost you €2.50, which is definitely student friendly! (Voucher available until the 29th October).

Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask.

While you’re at Boots you may as well pick up one of these cheap and cheerful face masks. The ultimate treat for the morning after the night before and are sure to revive you from ‘The Fear.’ They also are infused with hyaluronic acid which will plump out your skin, giving you a more ‘alive’ look.