The study involved over 3,000 primary school kids.

With Ireland's obesity figures constantly on the rise, this new study should come at no surprise.

A study conducted by DCU and the GAA has found that Irish children as old as 12 are unable to exercise properly.

According to the Irish Independent, Irish children struggle to run, throw and catch a ball properly. It's thought inactivity is to be blamed for their lack of motor skills. 

The study, which involved over 3,000 Irish primary school children, indicate that the country is going to be dealing with serious public health problems in years to come. This study comes after a previous 2014 study which found that 89% of Irish students could not manage basic movements and skills. 

This study, which was conducted in the early months of 2017, involved over 30 tests and exercises that were carried out in 12 different counties. The erly figures show that almost a 1/3 of children can't catch a ball with two hands and less than half of boys cannot hit a ball with a bat. 

The full results of this study will be published in November, but if these early results are anything to go by, we should be very worried. 

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