We did the hard work so you don't have to.

The Nightmare Realm has made a quite a name for itself as one the leading Halloween attractions and scarehouses in Ireland - and for good reason. The interactive scare house has succeeded in scaring almost every one of its participants over the last several years, with "danger lurking in every corner". Every year since 2009 they bring their terrifying and scream-inducing team of ghosts, ghouls and everything in between to Dublin and Cork to scare us silly.

And scare us silly they did. You can expect to be sleeping with the lights on for the foresseable future. 

You can expect to leave The Nightmare Realm feeling a lot closer to your friends - friends who scream together, stay together. 

And you can expect to definitely want to return next year. 

Attendees at the launch tried their best to put on a brave face, and get some pictures with the very people who'll be in their nightmares later. But they didn't turn out the best...

Even James K couldn't resist a selfie with "one of the lads". Think he looks harmless in the daylight? Think again...

We're not the only one who found themselves wishing for their Mam last night. The launch of The Nightmare Realm has other people reminscing, or rather, trying to forget about their experience last year:





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You can get your tickets to the Nightmare Realm here. And don't forget to have a nap beforehand - because you most certainly won't be sleeping afterward.