Our fashion and beauty team give you their top three tans that are easy to apply, look great and best of all, they don't break the bank.
Buying tan today can be a difficult task. There are so many factors to consider when purchasing a bottle of tan, for example: is it waterproof? Will it turn patchy? Will it irritate my skin? And most of all, will it break the bank?
So in order to save you the hassle of having to try out numerous tans to find the right one for you, we here at Campus.ie have done it for you.
Fashion and beauty editor Fiona Hyland, talks about her favourite tan, St Moritz.
Or as I like to call it, San Tro-Pennys! Having tried the mousse first, I couldn’t have been more disappointed. I hated the way it came out of the bottle, and when I applied it to my skin, it began to flake off – not cool. I also thought it had a horrible grey tint to it.
So as you can imagine, it took a lot of convincing from a friend to try out the liquid version. I was very impressed. I don’t like tans that shimmer, so I picked up a bottle in matte.
I absolutely love the look and feel of the tan on my skin. It’s easy to apply, and even easier to scrub off. It’s got a really natural finish, and best of all, it’s incredibly affordable.
My only flaw for this tan is that it’s not waterproof, which is something that we all need to be wary of given an Irish summer. But it smells great, so I’ll forgive it!
Nicola Byrne loves the streak-free, easy to apply Bbold tan.
This tan is a small bit pricy, but it is worth it. There are multiple types of Bbold tan. You can get it in a spray, lotion and liquid form. The liquid and lotion are €18.95 and the spray, a leg tan, is €9.99.
However, Bbold constantly do great sales and deals so you can get these for a lot cheaper if you shop at the right time.
I am going to focus on the lotion tan which is, in my opinion, the best of them all. This tan is a gradual developing tan, but it also gives a light, instant colour, which is great for when you need a tan in a hurry.
When this tan is finished developing, you are left with a fabulous, natural looking tan that gives a radiating glow to your skin. It is quick and simple to use and will leave you streak free, unlike other difficult tans.
My only con about Bbold lotion is that it can take a while to dry. I’m not talking hours here, but you would want about half an hour to allow it to dry to avoid unwanted streaks.
Don’t let this turn you off it though, because once dry, you will have this flawless tan for many days. I love how this tan lasts. I never have a problem with it going patchy at all. I can always get a good five days out of this tan, seven if I’m lucky.
Also, this tan doesn’t overpower you with strong tan smell, you know what I mean ladies? It has a slight fragrance which gradually fades with time.
Luisa Fusco gives us her ha’pennys worth on Sally Hansen.
I’ve always loved Sally. I use it everywhere, on my legs, arms, back – and if I could use it on my face I probably would!
I use the waterproof dark tan, as I feel it’s the most natural looking. Even though I’m quite fair-skinned, I find this tan is easy to control how dark or light you want to be. 
It doesn’t streak or run off in the rain, however one criticism that I have is that it will get everywhere – on your sheets, your clothes, places that you wouldn’t even imagine possible! So be careful with what you wear, especially if you’re wearing white.
You can pick up a bottle in Boots for around 13 quid, but keep an eye out in Pennys and different chemists around the country as they’re always running promotions.
A handy little tip is if you’re buying a new foundation, put on some tan before you go so you know what shade foundation to buy.
And there you have it, our top tans on a budget.