Here at, we understand that students don’t always have cash to splash on their makeup bag. So we’ve put together a little list of where you can save some money on beauty products, but also where it’s okay to go a little mad and splash out.
Save: Catrice All-Round Concealer Palette (€3.50)       
This little palette is my go-to for contouring. The three colours, from nude to beige work great for highlighting and shading while the red is used for under eyes and the green for red areas.
While I personally wouldn’t use the red or green, the three skintone colours alone are worth buying the palette for. And at a super affordable €3.50 you can’t go wrong!
To apply the colours use a lip brush as it creates a more natural coverage under the eyes where the concealer can tend to cake a bit. Use a sponge to soften and blend the colours together.
Pros: Easy to use, especially if you’ve never contoured before.
Cons: It runs out way too fast. I would seriously advise you to buy multiples if you see them, as they always seem to fly off the shelves.
Available from: Most pharmacies nationwide
Splurge: Crownbrush 10 colour Concealer Palette (€21.32)

If you are a follower of Suzanne Jackson’s blog, ‘SoSueMe’, you have probably heard of this palette before.
It has an attractive sleek and compact packaging and with ten shades, it has a colour for everyone.
The creamy-finish leaves a dewy, long-lasting look on your skin, but it is quite heavy. If you are interested in a natural day-time look a powder-based contour set would be more suitable.
Even as a girl who loves her full coverage makeup look, I would only wear this on a night out as it can be quite severe looking for day-time wear.
Pros: Gives a full-on contouring look. Gives a full-on coverage look that can last for hours when set with powder.
Cons: Very heavy and can turn out cakey. Can be a bit tricky to use if you are new to contouring.
Available from: