Michaela Deane gives us her practical guide to looking and feeling great this festival season.
With festival season well underway, many of us are heading off to our first one this summer. From patterned playsuits to dainty little crop tops, we’re spoiled for choice in the shops. 
But what are the real essentials, and how can we look fashionable while still being practical?
When we see the likes of Vanessa Hudgens rocking a fabulous little playsuit at Coachella, we’re tempted to copy her style. But in reality, playsuits can be a real pain at festivals. When you’re freezing cold and need to use the dreaded portaloo, the last thing you want is to have to completely undress in that dingy little space. What’s a lot more practical and just as cute are light and flowy dresses – geometric, floral and animal print are all huge trends this summer. Check out the ones over on Boohoo.com, and the best part is, they won’t break the bank either.
Making a comeback into the fashion world is flared trousers, big, bright and beautiful with patterns everywhere. But by day three at a festival, when there’s not a blade of grass to be seen and life is a constant game of stuck in the mud, they just aren’t practical. 
A trusty pair of denim shorts are a girl’s best friend at a music festival. But if it’s just too cold to grin and bear the breeze, harem pants are also an option. The elastic at the ankles prevents them from dragging along the floor and getting you covered in muck. 
Packing for a festival can be difficult, you just never know what kind of weather you’re going to get here in Ireland. Less is more when you have to haul your bags two miles to the campsite, and that’s why I’d suggest bringing outfits that can be modified; whether it’s sun, rain or snow. 
You can always team your flowery dresses and cute shorts with a pair of tights for some warmth, and they don’t have to be boring either. ModCloth have a huge selection available, something as simple as a pair of tights can really jazz up your outfit. 
One thing that you’ll definitely need for a weekend of camping is a rain jacket, and with so many styles and patterns to choose from nowadays they’re no longer a spoiler for your look. ASOS have a practical yet super stylish selection on their website.
No matter how much dry shampoo you use, after three days of camping your hair will probably resemble a bird’s nest. Fedoras are the ultimate festival hat, and on Sunday morning I can guarantee that it will be your best friend.
The one thing that makes me wince at festivals, is seeing people who’ve forgotten to bring their wellies. I can only imagine what a downer being covered in mud all the time would put on the weekend, not to mention how sick you’d be afterwards. Although wellies aren’t the most fashionable of shoe wear, there’s an alternative that works just as well. 
Doc Martens have been around for years, and although they’re pricey, they make a great investment if you’re planning on attending a few different festivals like myself. There’s a huge variety of colours, shapes and styles so head over to drmartens.com and see for yourself.
We’re told not to leave our valuables in our tent no matter what, but lugging them around with us can be a bit of a pain. If you’re like me and have a habit of losing your handbag after a couple of drinks, the fanny pack will be your ultimate saviour. 
Yes they’re a little old fashioned, but your arms are free to dance around until your heart is content and that to me is worth it. A wide range of colours and patterns, they can definitely be transformed into something fashionable if you know how. We love this one from River Island.
So there you have it, how to be as stylish as the celebrities at Coachella while still maintaining practicality. Just because festivals can be a little awkward to dress for, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Have fun at your upcoming festivals, and happy shopping!