Looking to update your make-up bag on a budget? Laura Burke gives the run-down of the best new products in Penneys right now.
Penneys have re-vitalised their fashion and beauty ranges over the past two years and are definitely on to a winner with their fabulous P.S make up range that beauty bloggers everywhere are raving about. The collection includes highlighters, eyeshadow palettes, contour kits and plenty of other savvy items that beauty lovers everywhere are racing to snatch up. Keeping on trend is definitely playing to Penneys advantage, as you can buy Kylie Jenner-inspired lip kits, Instagram flash ready powder and lip gloss and Inglot-inspired glitter pots. Penneys are totally ahead of their game and here are just some of the products from the P.S range available in stores nationwide. PS Gold Rose Highlighter - 4 euro  This rose gold highlighter cream will leave your cheekbones glowing for the entire day. It’s light on the skin and you only need apply a small amount over foundation with a beauty blender and set it with a small dab of powder if you wish. You can also apply this highlighter just below the brow bone or on the eyelids. Pure Glow Palette - 6 euro This palette is small but has everything you need, including four shades for sculpting your face. The dark shade can be used along the cheekbones and jaw line while the three other lighter shades can be used as highlighters and eye shadows. Play around with them and find what shades suit your face best. This kit also comes with handy little picture charts and instructions on the lid when you flip it up to help you get started. PS Insta Girl Powder - 4 euro This is one of Penneys most talked about new products. This translucent powder with light reflecting blue pigments promises to leave your skin photo and flash ready. Just what we’ve always wanted! Highlight Brick in Rose - 3.50 euro Rose gold is the biggest colour trend around right now and this highlighter is similar to those of big beauty brand Catrice. Highly pigmented, this is perfect for summer days where your cheekbones will literally be glowing. Prism Eyeshadow Palette - 6 euroYou can never have enough eye shadow palettes and this colourful palette takes the style of Urban Decay’s sought-after naked palettes. The colours range from neutral to a more smoky eye finish but this palette has colours that are on trend all year round. Light Bronze Cream Eyeshadow - 2 euro This eyeshadow cream comes in a few different shades. It’s highly pigmented but it also feels light on your eyelids and stays on almost all day. At just 2 euro, you can try some of the other shades, however this light bronze shade is my favourite.