Ever wonder how you can mimic some of the amazing nail art on Pinterest? Well Michelle Martin gives us this simple guide to achieving amazing Christmas nails.
Generally, a Pinterest picture tutorial goes a bit like this: 
The first step is easy, you just pop on the main colour. The second step shows the tools you need to create an outline of a Christmas tree. While the third picture shows the flawless finished result of a scene from the polar express, made with what looks like 17 different shades of blue, and the tree from step two lies in the centre of gemstones and sparkles that you didn’t know you needed. 
Easy, right?
Well here at Campus.ie we have taken it upon ourselves to master Christmas nail art and pass on our wisdom to you.
To begin all of these designs, start with a filed nail, and a coat of clear polish so that the colour goes on smoothly and doesn’t stain your nail.
For this look you will need:
White polish
Glittery red polish
Scotch tape (avoid sellotape as the stronger glue may lift the colour)
Coat each nail in the white polish and allow to dry fully. Cut the scotch tape into thin pieces and place diagonally on the nail to create the candy cane lines. 
Glide on the red and remove the tape when dry. For added shine and glitter protection, finish with a glossy coat of clear polish.
For this look you will need:
Silver polish
White polish
Black polish
Red polish
Orange polish
A fine tipped paint brush or tooth pick
Cover each of your nails in one or two coats of the silver polish and wait until they are dry. Take the white colour and create a lazy line at the top of each nail, but make sure to drag it upwards on the third nail.
Take your toothpick and gently round out the sides to create a snowman shape. Dip it in more white and dot each of your other nails. Now all that’s left to do is dress the snowman with a steady as steel hand.

You will need:
Light pink polish
Light brown polish
Dark brown polish
White polish
Black polish
Red polish
Tooth Pick/fine tipped brush
The top two images are fairly self-explanatory. Just use your tooth pick to push the polish into the needed shapes. Dip your tooth pick into any polish a few times and allow for it to dry into a rounded nip. 
Then very carefully place a black circle on top of the white. Flip the toothpick around to use the skinnier side for the tiny white gleam. Then use your red polish brush to make a half circle and you’ll be merrily on your way!
You will need:
Pink nail polish
A star shaped gem/rhinestone from any craft store
Regular glitter (as many colours as you like)
Scotch tape 
Optional: a few colourful nail polishes and toothpick
Begin by coating each nail in the pink polish. While it is still tacky, sprinkle on the glitter – with the exception of the nail with the tree. Optional: for added colour, dip the toothpick in your chosen polish and dot randomly on each nail.
To create the tree, the base colour must be fully dry. Place three small pieces of scotch tape on the nail to create a triangular shape. Paint on a small bit of polish to act as a glue for the glitter. Remove the tape when dry and place on the star.

Finish by covering each nail in a coat of clear polish to seal in the glitter.