Anna Cullen picks out her top gym gear bargains to help you feel comfortable and ready for your workout.
When we hear the words “working out” it can often fill us with a sense of dread. Walking into the gym for the first time is a daunting task, suddenly it feels like every slice of pizza you have ever eaten is wrapped around your body for the world to see.
But never fear, we here at Campus have sourced the best gym gear for your buck, whether you’re a beginner wanting to look cool and confident, or you’re a regular gym-goer, looking for some extra support from your clothing, here’s what you need to know:
Wearing the right clothes will not only keep all of your unwanted “giggly bits” in place, giving you more support, but will also keep you temperate. This will ultimately lead you to getting better results from your workout.
There’s nothing worse than having hang-ups about your body. People go to the gym for lots of reasons; to lose weight, to tone up, to get fit, etc. Whatever the reason is, if you find the proper gym gear then you can put your mind at ease and reap the rewards.
Avoid wearing clothes made of cotton, as sweat sticks to the material and can cause skin irritation, while damp clothes may also weigh you down. Stick with light materials to keep you from sweating. Penney’s have work-out vests for only €8, or pick up a cute one in Forever 21 for €9.
Loose clothing allows air to cool your body and help get rid of sweat. Choose light colours instead of dark to reflect the sun’s rays away from your body. In cold weather, choosing easily layered clothing allows you to remove clothes as you heat up and add layers if you become cold.
Crop tops or well-supported sports bras seem to be preferred by most people. They keep your boobs in place, and allow for easy movement. They are for sale in Penney’s for only €6, so why not invest in a few?
If crop tops aren’t for you, a seamless athletic top for €13.50 in Forever 21 have you looking super gym-confident. You can get some stylish sweatshirts for €20 on too.
Photo: Forever 21/ Twitter
Pullovers are a must, especially when you’re leaving the gym. It’s important to remember that while you may be sweating in the gym, the change in temperature on the way home is the perfect opportunity for a cold to strike! Save yourself a week in bed by picking up a nice baggy hoodie in JD Sports.
Comfortable sports leggings are key. Ain’t nobody got time to be hoisting up your trousers while on a treadmill! Penney’s have some supportive leggings for just €9, so you might as well pick up a few pairs. However, my favourite are Nike, available for €40 in Lifestyle sports, and they’ll last a lifetime.
Photo: My Little Fashion Blog/ Twitter
For those of you who find leggings too restrictive and want to get your pins out in the gym, Forever 21 have some fab neon shorts in, which are perfect for summer too.
While some people think it’s great idea to rush out to the shops to get completely kitted out before they can even comprehend going to the gym, remember that there are plenty of ways to save money before you do.
Don’t spend a fortune on water bottles, gear bags and expensive headphones. Buy a bottle of water in Spar for €1 which you can refill, chances are you’ve got some sort of a bag lying around at home that you can use, and there are headphones you can buy in the €2 shop.
Lastly, stay motivated and good luck!