In the first article of our new series, Blogger of the Month, our Fashion Editor Laura caught up with Limerick blogger Sarah Hayes to discuss her blog ‘PinkSars’, which has been going from strength to strength in recent months.
Sarah shares with us how her blogging journey began, where PinkSars came from and how balance is key.
What were your main reasons for setting up your blog, PinkSars?
I initially started off on Flickr, posting photos of my makeup looks and I was getting a good few thousand views on those, so after a lot of trial and error, as well as getting over the fear of putting myself out there, I finally set up a proper blog and gave it a real go.
I had suffered a few losses in my life prior to starting the blog too, so I just wanted a positive outlet and something that I could put all my focus on and that's exactly what blogging has been for me. 
Plus, I have been a fan of blogging and YouTube since I was 13, so I think it was a natural progression to actually get into it myself. I love fashion and sharing it with my followers.
PinkSars is such a catchy name. Where did it come from?
It's actually quite random, my mom came up with it for me! A lot of my family and friends call me 'Sars' for short and the Pink part just kind of went with it. 
But when I started the blog I just felt it worked as a name and it's quite different too.
Who are your biggest inspirations?
I really love an Australian blogger/vlogger Cartia Mallan. She vlogs about real life things, not just the run of the mill makeup tutorials. 
She's really creative with her video editing and photography, so I really look to her for inspiration. One flick through her Instagram and I get so many ideas from her. 
In Ireland though we're so fortunate to have so many really amazing bloggers that really give me motivation to keep going on the journey I'm on. 
I recently went to a Frock Advisor & Galaxy Style event in Dublin and met blogger Ciara O'Doherty. After chatting to her for only 10 minutes, I got so much motivation to keep going with blogging. She's so normal, but has achieved so much in terms of blogging, definitely goals.
What has been the best part of your blogging journey so far?
There's so many cool parts to blogging, like having really cool opportunities of working with different brands. 
As well as that, you actually get to know loads of fellow bloggers. There's a great sense of community within the Irish blogging community that I don't think people realise. 
From my own experience anyway, I have given and received great encouragement from other bloggers here in Ireland.
Bloggers are often open about the negativity they can experience from others. Have you ever experienced negativity over your blog?
Fortunately, I haven't received any negativity on my blog. It's all been really positive so far which I'm really grateful for. 
But I totally agree, it's so horrible to see young women and men get bashed over what they post. Bloggers really put themselves out there and open up, so I guess you just have to block out the negative stuff and just focus on positive. 
For every bad comment you may get, I'm sure there's at least 10 other really encouraging ones too.
When you're not blogging, you're also a student and a DJ as well. Do you find it difficult to juggle them all?
Yeah, its definitely a balancing act between everything. I've been on work placement for the past 9 months with a social media company called I Love Limerick and it's really helped me develop my blog.
However, I think heading back to college in September it'll be a case of just finding a routine to fit it all in. 
I love blogging and DJ'ing so its just a case of finding the balance, same with everything.
What are you hopes for the future for PinkSars?
I really want to keep developing my blog. To get it out there even more and inspire people to follow their own dream too (cheesy as it sounds). 
I'd love to maybe start a YouTube channel so we'll see what happens in the coming months.
Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring bloggers/writers?
Don't give up on it. I am by no means established in the industry and I know exactly what it feels like to be discouraged by not getting the views you want on posts and videos that you put so much effort into. 
Just keep at it, because the pay off and opportunities that are available from blogging are so worth it. 
Plus, if it's your passion keep at it, the strangest things happen when you do the things you love in life.
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